Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Star Wars: Legacy #2" Plot Summary

Writer:  Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman
Artist: Gabriel Hardman
Release date: 4/24/2013

Summary by Anthony Feinman

In the Ithori System where the secondary communications array is being built, Imperial Knight Jao Assam asks his crew if they have received a signal from the Carreras System. One of his crew states that have not. Master Jao is worried that they have not heard from Master Val yet.

Meanwhile in the sewers of Carreras Major, Ania Solo and her friend Sauk are flying in Ania's small freighter trying to escape from their pursuers. Sauk tells her to return fire at them. However, Ania reminds Sauk that she can't since Sauk has not fix the ship's targeting lead. She suggests he use the lightsaber instead. Sauk opens the back hatch and tries using the lightsaber. Their attackers make a direct hit on their ship throwing Sauk off balance. His hand holding the lightsaber swings accidentally opening up and damaging some nearby heating vents. The sewers begin to fill up with steam obscuring Ania and Sauk's pursuers. Ania yells to Sauk to hold tight as swing swings the ship up open air shaft. The pursuing attackers, blinded by the steam, do not see the end of the sewers and all crash and explode. Ania and Sauk escape.

On Mala, an uncharted planet inside the Surd Nebula, Master Val is a prisoner being held captive by his impostor. Over a communication hologram, Val's impostor tries to persuade Master Val to turn to the Dark Side. Val aks him why he is still alive. The impostor tells him that he has large ambitions and needs him alive. If Val does not join the darkness, he will have to wait in his prison.

At The Governor's Palace in the heart of Carreras' capital city, The Governor asks her guards how many have died pursuing the two hoodlums in possession of a lightsaber. The man posing as Master Val overhears the conversation and tells the Governor that he will handle the situation.

Back at Ania's junk shop, Sauk tries to fix the communication droid that housed the lightsaber they found. Sauk tells Ania if he can get it working, she may be able to buy her way clear from the system. He asks Ania if she can drop him back off at his job at the mining platform. Ania tells Sauk that she will not abandon him. She plans of getting rid of the lightsaber as soon as possible. At that moment, they both notice that their conversation is being heard by AG-37, an assassin droid that Ania has had dealings with. He has come in in hopes that Ania has in her possession a linear converter to replace his. Ania tells him the location of where one may be. As AG-37 leaves the shop, the droid tells her that she really should get rid of the lightsaber immediately. She is way out of her depth.

A short time after, several Imperial ships land in Ania's junkyard. Out of one steps Impostor Master Val with two armed guards. The impostor, standing outside, tells Ania to bring her his lightsaber and the death of the security guards will be forgotten. Ania and Sauk step outside. Ania takes a look at the man impersonating Master Val and tells him, "no". Ania tells him that the blade is hers by right of salvage. The law is on her side. The impostor asks if she thinks she can stop him from taking it. Ania's guard droid approaches the impostor. The impostor takes one look and uses the force to take the lightsaber out of Ania's hand. He activates the blade and with one swing, destroys her droid. The impostor than tells the two guards to kill them and report to him when they have finished. Ania and Sauk run away in order to hide. A cat and mouse game ensues as the two friends hide throughout the junk yard to elude their pursuers. Just as the guards find their hiding place, AG-37 shoots the guards dead. He tells Ania that she is way out of her depth.

Back of the Governor's Palace, Impostor Master Val begins ordering guards to create a blockade. No one is to get in or out of the system until the array has been completed. The Governor is angry that Master Val is ordering her guard around without her consent. The Impostor reminds her that he represents the New Galactic Triumvirate and has the power of the force. Does she really want to challenge his authority? The Governor backs down.

On Coruscant, MAster Jao reports to the Empress that he is concerned that he has not received any communication from Master Val. He wants to travel to the Carreras system and track him down. The Empress tells his to stand down and to give Master Val time to complete his task.

On AG-37's ship, Ania and Sauk have joined the assassin droid. AG-37 is concerned about the Jedi's behavior as it, the droid, had high hopes for the new Galactic regime. As Sauk is fiddling with the communication droid, still attempting to fix it. He activates the droid's holographic recorder. Before Ania and Sauk they witness a sword duel between a Sith warrior and a Jedi. As they look closer at the blade and it owner, they realize that the Jedi Knight on the recording is not the same person that just encountered. Ag-37 makes mention that he knew something was not right. An alarm in the ship goes off, All three look outside the ships bridge and see a squadron of Imperial ships fast approaching their position.

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