Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Star Wars: Legacy #1" Plot Summary

Writer:  Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman
Artist: Gabriel Hardman
Release date: 3/20/2013

Summary by Anthony Feinman

Imperial Jedi Knight Yalta Val, a man of dark hair with a mustache and goatee, on orders of the Galactic Triumvirate, has taken a ship to the Outer Rim to install an array to link the Carreras system with the rest of the galaxy. He is on a peacetime mission. As Val is communicating with Empress Fel, the nebula that the ship has entered causes interference. Just as his crew is about to send off a comm droid to boost the signal, another space vessel approaches and attacks them. Val's ship is venting atmosphere and need to land. Out of the blue, an uncharted land mass shows up on their screen. The ship crash lands on the edge of a cliff but remains intact. Several Imperial troops step out to survey the landscape. They are cut down by a red colored lightsaber. Master Val hears the screams, whips out his lightsaber and goes outside. One of the troop, still alive, starts to speak when he is killed by a blast. Val is attacked from above by a red skinned alien in a dark cloak sporting a lightsaber. Val and the attacker duel. As Val is pushed away via a force push from his attacker, the attacker uses another force push to throw Val's ship of the cliff and into the chasm below. Val simple states, "Sith" as he and his attacker continue to battle each other. Just as Val's attacker is about to deliver his final blow, a lightsaber blade pierces his attackers chest. Another figure, cloaked and masked, states that his apprenticeship is done and holds his blade before Val's head as he is laying on the ground defeated.

The comm droid, previously set out, returns to its ship and finds it in ruins. The droid check for survivors and retrieves Master Val's lightsaber. As it flies up to the atmosphere to return home, it is shot down by blaster fire. It crashes to the ground.

One week later near the Carreras system, two scavengers have brought their cargo to a junk dealer for purchase. The dealer that appears before them is a young female. The scavengers want ten thousand for their shipment but the girl takes a look briefly at what they have and states that she will only pay two hundred max. The scavengers are not happy with the price and try to attack the youth. The young girl has one of her large droids forcibly escort them back to their ship. The young girl searches through their shipment and finds junk. Just as she is about to give up, she finds a piece that she thinks is valuable.

Back a the Communications Array, Governor Biala receives a report that Imperial Knight Val's ship was completely destroyed and the only one who survived was Master Val himself. A ship flies in and a figure steps off the landing pad claiming to be Master Val. The figure is no longer sporting a mustache or goatee and his hair is white. Did the experience change Val?

On an ice mining platform near Carreras, the young girl calls over her Bothan friend, Sauk. She shows her friend the recently acquired tech and asks if it's worth anything.  Sauk states that it's highly specialized which may make it hard to find a buyer. As Suak is toying around with the device, he accidentally opens a compartment causes a lightsaber to fall out. Sauk reaches out for it and activates the blade. The young girl tells her friend to shut it off before anyone else sees. The young girl is excited as this device may be their ticket away from this life of poverty. They both are meant for more and should be experiencing life. They decide to sell the saber.

On Coruscant, members of the Jedi Council and Empress Fel discuss the communications array and how it will prove the new regime is grounded in it's control over the systems.

The white hair Master Val discusses with the Governor his encounter with a Sith. She is doubtful of his claim. He tells her of how he lost his lightsaber during the battle. The Governor wants to inform the Jedi Council on Courscant to which Val disagrees that there is no time. Without the array being functional, the message would not get to them in time. As he is an Imperial Knight, he will do the investigation into the Sith presence. He commands the Governor to give him complete control over her  security forces.

On Carraras Major, Sauk and the young girl try to sell the lightsaber. However, their buyer is unwilling to deal with the sword and demands that they get it away from him. He throws them out of his store. As they are leaving, they are pursued by crooks that have seen them with the lightsaber and want it for their own. As they corner Sauk and his female companion, they tell her to "hand over the sword, scum." She tells him that she is not scum and that her name is Ania Solo. She then shoots him dead.

Back on the uncharted planetoid, a figure puts some food in a bowl and places it in front of a bound figure with a mask covering his face. The figure with the food tells the bound man to "..eat your, slop...Master Val".

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