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"Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 4: Light and Dark" Plot Summary

Collects Star Wars: Republic #54, 63, Star Wars: Aayla Secura, and Star Wars: Jedi - Dooku.

Writer: John Ostrander

Summary by Steve Wilson

Tookarti, the Chardra-fan, is giving Count Dooku information on Quinlan Vos. At the same time, Jedi Master Agen Kolar comes and arrests Vos for selling information to the Separatists. Kolar says Tookarti "ratted" him out, so Vos knows now that Tookarti is framing him.

Khaleen rescues Vos from Kolar's custody and the two then escape pursuit separately. Aruk the Hutt then orders Kolar to leave and stop causing a disruption.

Vos then kills Tookarti, but Khaleen has been captured by Kolar's clone troopers.

We then see that Vos' near arrest was a ruse set up by the Jedi Council to further convince the Separatists that Vos has joined the Dark Side.

Jedi Master T'ra Saa then gets a message from Devaronian ambassador Elsah'sai'moro, but Elsah is shot by an unseen assassin (Aurra Sing) as they are talking.

Aayla Secura, Tholme, and Dark Woman then go to Devaron undercover to investigate.

Unknown to the Jedi, we see that their host, Devaronian Senator Sai'malloc is Aurra's client. The Senator gives Aayla information that leads her to send Tholme and Dark Woman into a trap cave-in set up by Aurra. We learn that Dark Woman (An'ya Kuro, gave up her name to show humility before the Force) was Aurra Sing's Master at the Temple. When Aurra was kidnapped by pirates, Dark Woman didn't go rescue her.

Aurra attacks Aayla as she goes to rescue Tholme and Dark Woman. Aayla defeats and captures Aurra as T'ra Saa leads her clone troopers to rescue the other two.

Elsewhere and later...

Master Choi, Kai Justiss, and Jeisel are captured by Count Dooku and Sora Bulq. Dooku lets them go free to show mercy and hopefully attract other Jedi to his cause. As it is, Quinlan Vos goes to see Dooku as a double agent and must get past two Jedi defectors, Tol Skorr (his life was saved by Dooku after his ship crashed) and Kadrian Sey.

Meanwhile, Tholme tells Khaleen what Vos is doing and frees her so that she can serve as the messenger between Vos and the Jedi Council.

Dooku takes Vos to the planet Tibrin of the race Ishi-tib, where Vos advises Dooku to kill the dictator, Suribran Tu, to show that the Confederacy is more merciful than the Republic.

Dooku then sends Vos to kill the Falleen Senator, Zurros. Instead, he intimidates Zurros into following Dooku, and Dooku approves. At the same time, Vos wants to free Master Shylar, captured and now being tortured by Dooku, but can't risk blowing his cover.

Dooku then takes Vos to Kiffu to negotiate with Sheyf Tinte, Vos' great aunt. When she refuses to ally with the Confederacy, Dooku orders she be killed. Vos saves her, but then Dooku challenges him to use the Force and read her mind. He does so and finds that she arranged for the Anzati to kill his parents so that she could become Sheyf and also to gain custody of Vos.

Vos strikes out in anger, killing her, and joins the dark side.

Dooku soon sends Vos to Coruscant to kill Senator Viento. Vos sneaks into Viento's room at night and does kill him, but then Master K'kruhk sees him and they fight. Vos escapes as the Jedi Council questions whether Vos is still on their side or not.

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