Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Star Wars #4" Plot Summary

Writer:  Brian Wood
Artist: Carlos D'anda
Release date: 4/10/2013

Summary by Anthony Feinman

On Coruscant, Han Solo and Chewbacca board the Millennium Falcon in order to escaping pursuing Imperial Tie-Fighters. As The Millennium Falcon flies towards the night sky, Han maneuvers the ship back towards the planet. He tells Chewbacca that at this point the Imperials have informed their superiors and will have a blockade of cruisers waiting for them before they even leave the planet's atmosphere. Han flies them towards an old sector he remembers from his academy days. As The Falcon tries to shake off the Tie-Fighter, Chewbacca leaves the cockpit and heads towards a roof hatch. He uses his weapon at the pursuing Tie-Fighters and shoots them down. The Millennium Falcon travels down several thousand levels below Coruscant's surface to hide.

Back at the location of where the rebel fleet is orbiting, a Bothan bridge officer notices a small squadron of X-Wing Fighters are leaving on a unauthorized flight. He is about to have them shot down when Mon Mothma steps in and overrides his command. She tells the squadron to that they are cleared for light speed. Mon Mothma tells the bridge officer to forget what he just saw. Nothing that just took place happen and she was never there at the bridge. The bridge officer reluctantly agrees. Princess Leia is leading the X-Wing Squad out in hopes of locating a new rebel base. Only her computer system has control of where they are going so the locations are random. One of the pilots over that comms asks her if they run into trouble, what should they do. Leia comments that they should improvise.

Luke Skywalker, grounded from the mission, watches as the squadron enters hyperspace. While he is watching, he is briefly contacted by the spirit of Obiwan Kenobi. Prithi somehow hears their conversation and asks Luke where the voice is coming from. Luke is surprised that she was able to hear Obiwan.

R2-D2 and C3PO enter in coordinates into the Rebel Alliance's computer databanks. C3PO is concerned at R2D2's actions.

The X-Wing Squadron reach The Pybus System. As they are running scans, two Imperial Cruisers appear out of nowhere. Leia leads the squad down into the planet's atmosphere. Leia is concerned as to how the Empire was able to locate them as this system they just dropped into was not on the list that she had R2-D2 import into the Rebels computer system. The Imperial Cruisers begin fire bombing the planet's surface from orbit trying to flush out the X-Wing Fighters. As Leia leads the squad back up into the atmosphere, The cruiser's unleash a squadron of Tie-Fighters.

At the Sanctuary Moon in the Endor System, Darth Vader is meeting with department heads. Vader wants to know why the station's construction is still behind schedule. An Admiral tells Vader that the Emperor's expectations for completion is not realistic. They don't need more hands to complete the station but more time. Vader kills the Admiral for his bluntness and then asks if anyone would care to back up the Admiral's statement.  A voice is heard softly that the Admiral is correct. Vader is surprised by this statement and turns to see who made it. A female by the name of Birra Seah, the systems designer, tells Vader that Admiral is correct. As the Emperor is not on hand to assess the actual work being done, his judgement should not be a factor into the reality of the situation. Vader looks at her and comments that the force is strong in her. He dismisses the other heads and speaks to Birra alone. Birra requests that she be made temporary Moff status and she will complete the station's construction on time.

Vader, alone in his chamber with his helmet off repeats the name Skywalker.

Leia and squad try to fight off the Tie-Fighters. They make their stand.

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