Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #1" Plot Summary

Writer:  Tim Siedell
Artist: Stephen Thompson
Release date: 4/17/2013

Summary by Anthony Feinman

Events that take place are months after Emperor Palpatine has de-solved the senate and Anakin Skywalker has taken on the mantle of Darth Vader. The Empire has been consolidating its power and forcing systems to bend to it's regime.

In one such system, a father and son are forced by Darth Vader to renegotiate their mining operation with a nearby system. The son, after the terms of the negotiation are concluded, feels that it is not in the favor of his family and tries to attack delegates from the other system. Darth Vader senses that event and stops the assassination. In the end, Vader kills the son.

Out of the mist, a group of armed guards followed by the father who was forced to see Darth Vader kill his son look for a location. One the guards looks back to the father to let him know that they are exposed out in the open. The father tells his man that he is not paying them to think but to protect him. At that moment, they are attacked by a large flying alien creature. The group of armed men fire and kill the creature before it can do them harm. The father leads them on through the mist. They come to a clearing that is located on their digital readout. However, nothing seems to be there. One of the guards makes mention the information may not be accurate. The father tells his men that the information he paid for this location is three times what any one of them makes in a lifetime. They all just need to look a little closer to their surroundings. The father examines a twig on a small nearby tree. One small branch has a little level. The father pulls it down to a reveal a hand identification pad rising up from a nearby pool of water. The father tells his men to quickly hand him the article they have in their possession. One of the guards hands the father a severed red hand. The father takes the hand and presses it against the digital readout key pad. Before them rises a large circular door that opens up leading underground. As all the men go down the stairs, they encounter a cavern with four alien guards guarding a door. The father begins to approach the alien guards much to the protest of his men. The father tells everyone not to shoot. The father tells the guards that he has come to see their master. One of the alien guards tells him that no one seeks his master, their master seeks only those he wishes to seek. Those that see their master do so at a high price. The father walks back towards his men. As he walks behind them, the father's guards immediately open fire on the four alien guards killing them. They all enter through the door the alien guards were standing in front of and encounter an even larger alien of the same race seated on a throne in the middle of a large room. The alien asks them to state their business. The father steps forwards and bows down before the large alien. He begs for the alien's help in seeking revenge for the death of his son at the hands of Darth Vader. The father states that he has sent eight other assassins to kill Darth Vader but none have been successful. He's not even sure any of them even tried as some of them may have taken his money and ran out on the job cheating the father. The large alien states that none of the assassins that the father sent survived their encounter. As the father is startled by this remark, he turns around to see that all the men and guards he brought with him are now dead. A voice behind the father tells him not to turn around and that he has now paid a high price for coming to this location. He may not be willing to pay the price for his services. The father states that he likes to see the people he does business with. The father turns around. Before him stands a dark robed figure sporting a rather large blade/sword with a peculiar breathing apparatus. The dark robed figure tells the father that the reason the others failed was that they went to where Vader was going to be. He will be where Vader is going before he gets there to surprise and kill him. The father tells the dark figure that he will pay him any price the dark figure names as long as he brings him Vader's head. The dark figure agrees. He tells the father that he will not see or hear from him again until he places Vader's head in his lap.  The dark figure then disappears.

Days later back at the father's home planet, the father sits at his desk waiting. Both his eyes have patches over them indicating that the payment for killing Darth Vader was his eyes.

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