Monday, June 17, 2013

"Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 3: Last Stand on Jabiim" Plot Summary

Collects Star Wars: Republic #54-59

Summaries by Steve Wilson

"Blood and Rain" by Haden Blackman

The Jedi are leading the attack against the Separatist planet of Jabiim with Captain Gillmunn from Jabiim supporting them. They are winning when they are attacked by Alto Stratus and his army.

Alto gained control of the planet in a coup and has allied with the Confederacy. He says the Republic never helped them in their wars and only want the planet for its rich ore.

The battle rages off and on across the planet in continual rain for over a month.

Jedi Master General Nocurna is killed, putting General Leska in charge. Then she is killed, leaving no Jedi Masters, but only Padawans, including Anakin Skywalker. But then Chancellor Palpatine sends a transmission ordering Anakin to lead the evacuation effort while the other Padawans continue fighting. Palpatine does this to save Anakin's life.

Padawan Aubrie kills Alto as he kills her. All of the other Padawans are killed in battle.

Anakin leads the evacuation, leaving Captain Gillmunn feeling betrayed that the Republic forces are leaving him to fight on his own. Gillmunn attacks Anakin, but Anakin uses the Force to choke Gillmunn. This is the first time Anakin discovers he can do such a thing and quickly relents.

"The Storm after the Storm" by John Ostrander

The battle on the desert planet of Aargonar is being led by Jedi Master A'sharad Hett and Padawans Bhat Jul and Anakin Skywalker.

Bhat is killed and Hett and Skywalker take shelter in a cave from the sandstorm that has begun brewing. Skywalker hates Hett because he's half Tusken and the Tuskens killed his mother. Hett is patient with Anakin.

Master Ki-Adi-Mundi arrives with Bultar Swan and more clone troops.

Hett and Skywalker run into a Saralacc in the cave, but a Gouka Dragon eats it and leaves them be.

They are discovered in the cave by a pair of native soldiers. Anakin goes into a rage and begins attacking Hett after the soldiers are dead. He babbles about killing the Tuskens on Tattooine.To make him stop, Hett takes off his mask and reveals himself to be wholly human, not half Tusken. Hett says his mother was kidnapped by Tuskens and then he was raised as a Tusken.

When they reach Ki and Bultar, Hett doesn't tell about Anakin slaughtering the Tuskens, but he does warn Anakin that he's on a dark path.

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