Friday, May 10, 2013

"Star Wars #3" Plot Summary

Written by Brian Wood 
Illustrated by Carlos D'Anda 
Cover by Alex Ross Released 03/13/2013

Summary by Anthony Feinman

Star Wars #3

Plot summary:

Part 3 In The Shadow of Yavin

In light of Vader's defeat at Yavin, Lord Darth Vader has been sent to the Endor system to oversee the construction of the new Death Star. This is Emperor Palpatine's way of disciplining Vader.

Meanwhile, on the far side of the galaxy, an X-Wing fighter flown by Luke Skywalker reaches his coordinates. He retrieves a pilot that is floating in space without a ship. As he pulls her into the cockpit, we discover the pilot is Prithi. As Luke puts the X-Wing in to light speed, he decides to take the long way back to where the Alliance fleet is hiding. Prithi comments that Princess Leia will not be happy at Luke breaking protocols.

Sometime later, Luke's X-Wing returns to the Rebel Fleet. Princess Leia is first on hand to reprimand Luke and confines Prithi to quarters.

In Coruscant in the Imperial Center, Han Solo and Chewbacca, sent by Mom Mothma, are waiting in a hotel on a Alliance contact to bring them news. As the door chimes, a man enters the room and gives Han and Chewbacca the password. Just as their guest is about to hand over the information they are there to retrieve, Han pulls out his blaster and guns down him down. Chewbacca is surprised. Almost immediately, they hear banging on the door to their room. It's Imperial Security. It's a trap! One that Han foresaw. The door to their room is blown open.

Back at the Rebel Fleet, Leia chastises Luke for being reckless and disobedient. She then grounds him for six rotations. Luke protests that he is their best pilot. She dismisses him. After he leaves, Leia orders C-3PO to disable Luke's command codes for his X-Wing.

Later, Leia approaches Prithi and orders her and Wedge for outside simulation training. They all fly out beyond the flight and have mock dog fights. It seems Leia needs to blow off a little steam. Her thoughts go her status as a commander and how she is viewed by those around her. She believes herself to be anyone's equal.

Back on Coruscant, Stormtroopers are battling it out with Han and Chwebacca. Hand And Chewy get boxed into their room's bathroom. They blast the side of one the walls in hopes of escaping.

After the mock dog fight, Leia consults with Mom Mothma and asks her permission to run a small operation. Leia wants to start leaking false information in order to capture a spy. Mom Mothma agrees to let her go ahead with the plan.

In deep space, an Imperial Cruiser hovers above a planets' atmosphere. Aboard, a Commander addresses a platoon of Imperial Fighters as they prepare for a mission.  

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