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"Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" Video Game Plot Summary


Your Character is a Republic solider serving on the EndarSpire under Jedi Bastila Shan.


Bastila Shan

The Endar Spire is engaged in battle against the Sith Lord Darth Malak

Malakart crop
Darth Malak

Fellow soldier Trask Ulgo helps Character escape the flailing ship by holding off and fighting Darth Bandon, Malak’s apprentice. Trask dies at Bandon’s hands.

Trask ulgo
Trask Ulgo

Darth Bandon

Character enters an escape pod with Commander Carth Onasi and they crash land on Taris, a planet recently conquered by the Sith, knocking Character unconscious. 

Carth Onasi

Carth takes care of Character until he awakens a couple of days later and the two then set out to rescue Bastila, whose escape pod came down in the Undercity, an area controlled by rival gangs the Hidden Beks and the Black Vulkars.

Character disguises himself in Sith trooper armor to make it through the Sith blockade (they’re looking for Bastila too) and he and Carth go to the Hidden Beks’ headquarters. Gang leader Gadon Thek tells them that Milos Brejik, leader of the Black Vulkars, has Bastila held prisoner. Brejik is going to give Bastila away as a prize to the winner of the next swoop-bike race.

Gadon Thek

Milos Brejik

Gadon offers to sponsor Character as the gang’s racer if Character and Carth will steal back a new type of swoop accelerator the Black Vulkars stole from them. He tells them to hire Mission Vao and Zaalbar as guides into Black Vulkar headquarters.

Mission Vao Rener
Mission Vao


Mission won’t help until Character and Carth help rescue Zaalbar from Gamorrean slavers. When he is rescued, Zaalbar swears a life-debt to Character.

Mission and Zaalbar lead Carth and Character to the Vulkar HQ where they successfully steal the new accelerator.

The next morning, Character uses the accelerator on his swoop bike and wins the race. Brejik, however, realizes that Character has used the (re)stolen accelerator and refuses to hand Bastila over to him. Bastila escapes and a brief battle erupts, ending in Brejik’s death along with a number of his gang.

Character, Carth, Bastila, Mission, and Zaalbar are looking for a way to escape the planet when Mandalorian Canderous Ordo approaches them and suggests they steal his boss’ ship. 

Canderous Ordo

His boss is Davik Kang, head of the Tarisisian Exchange, a crime syndicate. 

Davik Kang

But they’ll first need to buy his droid, T3-M4, which has been programmed with the passcodes to get into the Sith base so that they can then steal the codes to get past the Sith’s planetary blockade.


Once they have T3, the group enters the Sith base, kills the Sith Governor, and steals the blockade codes. Their next stop is Davik’s to steal his ship, but as they are doing so, Darth Malak orders his Admiral, Saul Karath, to bomb Taris in order to try to kill Bastila.

Admiral Saul Karath

Davik and a famous bounty hunter named Calo Nord try to prevent the group from stealing Davik’s ship. Davik is killed in the ensuing battle and Calo is presumed dead when he falls under building debris from the Sith bombs.

Calo Nord

Bastila then tells Character that he is strong in the Force and takes him to Dantooine to be trained as a Jedi. He becomes a Padawan of Jedi Master Zhar Lestin and then is given the mission of defeating of Juhani. She has turned to the Dark Side and, after the battle, Character turns her back to the light.

Zhar Lestin


He is seeing Force visions of the defeat of Darth Revan and Malak and so the Jedi Council sends him to investigate the ruins he is most likely seeing in his visions. In the ruins, he finds a Star Map that shows the location of four other Star Maps. A droid in the ruins hints that finding and putting the maps together will show them the location of the Star Forge, which has something to do with Revan and Malak.

DarthRevan DarthMalak EGF
Darth Malak (left), Darth Revan (right)

The Jedi Council sends Character, Bastila, Mission, Zaalbar, and Juhani to find the maps and the Star Forge and investigate.

Elsewhere, Admiral Karath brings a still living Calo Nord to Darth Malak. Calo gives him some crucial information and Malak sends Calo after Character’s group.

Character and friends land in Anchorhead on Tatooine. Character has a Force vision of the next Star Map being in a cave. The city only allows hunters to enter the wild desert, however, for fear of TuskenRaiders. Character convinces the boss of the Czerka mining company to contract with him to wipe out the Raiders.

Rather than fighting the Tuskens, though, Character is persuaded to negotiate with the Sand People via the translation services of droid HK-47, an assassination droid, and convinces them to call a truce in exchange for two moisture vaporators. The chief also gives Character a map to a cave where a Star Map is hidden. 


To get inside the cave, Character has to help local hunter Komad Fortuna kill a canyon krayt dragon that has taken up residence.

Komad Fortuna

Canyon Krayt Dragon

As Character and company exit the cave with the second Star Map, Calo Nord attacks and the party definitely kills him this time.

The next Star Map is located on Kashyyyk. When they arrive there, the party discovers that the Wookie planet is under the control the Czerka mining company. Zaalbar, estranged brother of Wookie chief Chuundar, is arrested for returning to the planet. Zaalibar was exiled for attacking his brother when he discovered Chuundar was making deals with Czerka. Their father, Freyyr, didn’t believe Zaalbar and now Czerka is enslaving Wookies.



Chuundar keeps Zaalbar a prisoner, forcing Character to hunt down an insane Wookie in the Shadowlands.

Character meets ex-Jedi Jolee Bindo, an old hermit living in the Shadowlands who agrees to take Character to the Star Map if he will get rid of some Czerka poachers. Character does so. 

Jolee Bindo

They then encounter the “insane Wookie”, none other than Freyyr, Zaalbar’s father, who was driven from the city by Chuundar. The party defeats Freyyr and then agree to help him recover the lost Bacca’s CeremonialBlade from the hide of a huge beast in order to give him the tribal symbol of authority once again and make him chief.

Once they have the Blade, they resume searching for the Star Map. A computer and some defense droids guard it, but they allow Character through, recognizing him for some reason as the only person previously authorized to view the Star Map.

The party then attacks and kills Chuundar, making Freyyr chief once again. Freyyr apologizes for not believing Zaalbar’s accusations against Chuundar all those years ago and gives him Bacca’s Ceremonial Blade. Freyyr and party then lead the Wookies into defeating Czerka.

When Darth Malak hears about Calo Nord’s death, he sends Darth Bandon to attack the party. He specifically wants Bastila taken alive and brought to him.

The next Star Map is on Manaan, an ocean world. Character has a Force vision of it being on the ocean floor and goes to see Republic ambassador Roland Wann

Roland Wann

The ambassador agrees to help them if they will re-capture a probe droid that the Sith stole while it was exploring the Hrakert Rift, which is where Manaan mines kolto.

Character and party breaks into the Sith embassy, steals the droid, but is then stopped by local authorities. He is put on trial, but Character persuades the authorities to let him go.

Roland then tells them that the droid was investigating a kolto mine set up illegally by the Republic. The mine has lost contact with the surface and everyone who has been sent to explore has failed to report back. Roland gives the party a submarine to reach the facility.

They find that everyone in the facility has gone insane. The only scientists still alive are humans Kono Nolan and Sami

Kono Nolan


Though crazy, they tell Character that the Progenitor, a giant shark thought to be the ancestor of firaxan sharks and Selkaths (native sentients of Manaan) is protecting its territory by emitting some sort of wave that causes insanity. 


Firaxan shark


Character solves the problem by destroying the mining device. He then retrieves the Star Map from the ocean floor.

Darth Bandon attacks them in the facility and Character kills him.

When leaving the planet, the party’s ship is caught in Admiral Karath’s tractor beam. Character, Bastila, and Carth are tortured and interrogated, but they don’t talk. Karath tells them that the Jedi Temple on Dantooine has been destroyed.

Canderous and the rest of the party then breaks in and frees the three prisoners with the help of another prisoner, a Rodian.

Rodian NEGAS

As they are running toward the hangar to escape, Karath and his men confront them. As Karath is dying, he tells Carth a secret, which makes him angry at Bastila. With Malak on his way, she tells him they can talk about it once they’re safe.

Darth Malak then shows up and reveals to Character that Character is actually Darth Revan, Malak’s former master. Malak attacks, wanting to kill Revan, but Bastila intervenes, locking herself in a room with Malak and telling the others to escape so they can find the Star Forge.

The last Star Map is on Korriban, the Sith capital world. The only way to see the Star Map, however, is to belong to the Sith Academy. The Academy only admits one student per year. That student has to prove themselves, by whatever means possible, to be strong in the Dark Side and thus worthy of Sith training.

Revan joins Yuthura Ban, second in command of the Academy, who then sends him to kill Uthar Wynn, the headmaster, so that Yuthura can take his position. If Revan does this, she will admit him to the school.

Ban infobox
Yuthura Ban

Uthar Wynn Render
Uthar Wynn

First, though, Revan raids the tomb of Ajunta Pall, a Sith Lord who haunts his own tomb. Ajunta sends Revan to find his blade. When he does so, Revan is able to turn Ajunta to the Light and he becomes one with the Force.

Ajunta Pall

Revan is soon allowed entrance to Naga Sadow’s tomb and retrieves the Star Map. When he exits, tensions between Yuthura and Uthar have come to a head. He helps Yuthura kill Uthar, but then Yuthura turns on him. He kills her, as well, and then finishes off all of the other students who decided to attack him.

Leaving Korriban with all the pieces of the puzzle, Revan and friends head for the Star Forge, but are caught in a disruption field that forces them to crash land on an unknown planet. Carth sends the location of the Star Forge to the Republic fleet.

On the planet, they find the Rakata

Rakata kotor

The Star Forge was originally built by the Rakata Infinite Empire. Now, the Elders tribe of Rakata are at war with the Black Rakata. Revan double-crossed both of them when he was here before and now has to regain the Elders trust. He does so by helping them rescue a number of kidnapped members from the Black Rakata. They then allow him to enter the Temple of the Ancients, in which is located the source of the disruption field.

The Elders command that Revan enter alone, but Juhani and Jolee have a vision of Revan being in danger and go to join him.

Inside, Bastila, now a follower of Darth Malak, attacks them. Revan defeats her with the help of his comrades and she offers to follow him if he will return to the Dark Side and become the Dark Lord once more. He refuses and she flees.

Revan and party then leave the Rakata world and join the battle against the Star Forge. He leads a group of Jedi through the Star Forge’s defenses and eventually enters the station, where he once again confronts Bastila, but is able to turn her back to the Light this time.

Revan then fights and defeats Malak.

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