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"Star Wars: The Clone Wars volume 1: The Defense of Kamino and Other Tales" Plot Summary

The Clone Wars volume 1 collects Star Wars: Republic #59-60 and Star Wars: Jedi - Mace Windu

"Sacrifice" by John Ostrander

Plot Summary by Stephen R. Wilson

One month after the battle of Geonosis.

Khaleen is in the maintenance levels of the The Wheel space station. Grakko calls her a thief and tries to kill her as he has been hired to do. She kills him instead.

Khaleen Hentz


On CoruscantMaster Tholme reports to Yoda that he has lost contact with Quinlan Vos, who has been working undercover on the Wheel as a mercenary named Korto Vos. Tholme has sent Aayla Secura to find him, posing as a mechanic named Jaayza.

Master Tholme


Quinlan Vos

Aayla Secura

Aayla has to beat up some of Tookarti's thugs before he takes her to Vos. Aayla and Vos are talking when Tookarti reports that Khaleen is hiding in a trash pit and in danger from a resident dianoga. The two Jedi kill the dianoga and we find out that both Khaleen and Tookarti are working for Vos, whom they believe to be a criminal.


Vos sent Khaleen to steal a data disc from Zenex, a Separatist. Aayla decrypts the disc and sees that it outlines a Separatist plan to attack the Republic's cloning facility on Kamino. Vos says they have to let Zenex recover the disc so that the Separatists will believe they are safe to continue with their plan.


Khaleen, who is obviously in love with Vos, overhears them talking and volunteers to return the disc, despite the danger it will put herself in. Even though she is a criminal, she is willing to sacrifice her life for the good of the Republic.

At the meeting, Zenex does try to kill her, but Vos and Aayla intervene. Vos saves Khaleen while Aayla kills Zenex.

Vos takes the disc to Zenex's contact and uses Jedi mind suggestion to make him think that Zenex gave it to him.

We then see Tookarti telling Count Dooku that everything went according to plan.

Count Dooku headshot gaze
Count Dooku

"The Defense of Kamino" by John Ostrander, Haden Blackman, Scott Allie

On Kamino, Anakin Skywalker has a Force vision of Obi Wan crashing and dying in the coming battle.

Anakin Skywalker

Obi-Wan Kenobi

When the attack begins, Master Kossex is shot sown and dies. Obi Wan also crashes as in Anakin's vision, but Anakin rescues him (losing his own ship in the process) and they battle the sea monsters of Kamino until they are picked up.

Republic 50
Master Kossex

Meanwhile, Lama Su and Master Ti agree to release the ARC Troopers, cloned trained by Jango Fett himself. Together, they protect and evacuate the younger clones, eventually meeting up with Obi Wan and Anakin.

Lama Su
Lama Su

Shaak Ti closeup
Master Shaak Ti

Jango OP
Jango Fett

Commander Merai of the Mon Calamari, working for the Confederacy, sends his forces against the cloning facility via a submarine attack. He soon finds that he's been given bad information and self-destructs his own ship to buy his forces time to retreat.

Commander Merai

Count Dooku and the Emperor are then seen discussing Merai. They set him up because he would have been too difficult to actually turn him to their side.

"Schism" by John Ostrander

On the planet Lianna, Master Mace Windu speaks at the burning of Master Cei Vookto. Vookto's Padawan, Dama Montalvo, is given to Master Ki-Adi-Mundi for the time being.

Mace Windu
Master Mace Windu

Master Cei Vookto

Dama Montalvo

Master Ki-Adi-Mundi

Quinlan Vos reports that four Jedi - Jeisel, K'kruhk, Rhad Tarn, and Mira - have joined Sora Bulq in a dissident movement. They have invited Master Windu to a meeting with them at Bulq's estate on Ruul. Bulq specializes in an aggressive fighting method called Vaapad that brings one very close to the Dark Side.

Sian Jeisel

KKruhk on Saleucami

Rhad Tarn

Mira High Rez

Bulq Headshot
Sora Bulq

Meanwhile, Dooku sends Asajj Ventress to Ruul to interrupt the meeting.

Asajj Ventress

The dissidents range from simply being disgusted with the war to wanting to fight against what they believe to be a corrupted Republic. That night, Ventress attacks Bulq. Mira comes to his aid and Ventress kills her. When they all demand to know who Ventress is, she says she is Windu's servant, and flees.

Windu chases her and the others follow. Rhad is the first to find her and she turns him to the Dark Side with his own anger.

Windu surmises returns to Bulq, surmising that he is in league with Ventress. Bulq admits that Dooku turned him to the Dark Side. Windu realizes that the others can't stand against Ventress, so he leaves Bulq and goes to help them. Jeisel kills Rhad. Ventress flees. Windu escapes the planet with K'kruhk and Jeisel.

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