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"Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan" Plot Summary

Writer: Drew Karpyshyn

Coruscant. Revan is having nightmares. He is a Jedi Knight who became the Sith Lord Darth Revan while on a mission during the Mandalorian War. He became the Sith Lord and his fellow Jedi, Malak, became Darth Malak. The Jedi Council had to capture and erase Revan's memories to turn him back to the Light. Now he is married to Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, leader of the Jedi Knights sent to capture him. (Malak turned her to the Dark Side once, but then it was Revan's turn to turn her back.)



Revan wants to find out what turned him to the Dark Side before and suspects a certain stormy planet that he is starting to remember in his dreams. He also suspects that this same planet may have been what caused Mandalore the Ultimate, leader of the Mandalorians, to attack the Republic in the first place.

Dromund Kaas. Sith Lord Scourge is recalled by the Emperor to investigate a series of assassination attempts against Lord Nyriss, a member of the Dark Council, because Scourge has been absent from Dromund Kass and therefore uninvolved in the planet's plots and politics.


When Scourge arrives, he is attacked by a pair of mercenaries. He at first suspects Nyriss' chief adviser, Sechel, and her head of security, Murtog, for ordering the hit out of jealousy for him being called in. Nyriss, however, admits that she ordered the hit in order to test him.

Nyriss tells Scourge that the most recent attack on her life was by a droid. Scourge and Sechel then break into the Uxiol Droid Manufacturing plant where the droid was made, on the planet Hallion.

On Coruscant, Revan finds Canderos Ordo, the Mandalorian he allied with to defeat Darth Lord Malak, another former Jedi who turned to the Dark Side with Revan. Canderos agrees to investigate why Mandalore the Ultimate ordered the attack against the Republic.


Scourge narrowly escapes the assault droids in Uxiol plant and suspects Sechel of trying to get him killed. They retrieve the records of who ordered the assassin droid, however, and trace the buyer back to a group of human rebels on the planet Bosthirda.

Revan visits the Jedi Temple, searching for the records regarding Meetra Surik, his former Jedi general in the Mandalorian War.

Meetra Surik

Master Atris, Meetra's former friend, reluctantly informs him that after Meetra used the mass-shadow generator weapon at the battle of Malachor V, she felt all of the Mandalorians and Jedi on and orbiting the planet dying and permanently cut herself off from the Force to avoid the pain. When Revan and Malak abandoned her there on their way to the Outer Rim, Meetra returned to Coruscant and was exiled for her actions. It is clear that Atris blames Revan for what happened to Meetra.

Atris head

Revan decides to try to find Meetra, hoping she may have some clue about the stormy planet.

Meanwhile, Canderous returns and tells Revan that the Mandalorians believe that Revan stole Mandalore the Ultimate's mask, the royal helm of Mandalorian authority, and hid it on Rekkiad. The first Mandalorian to find it will be become the next Mandalore. As Canderous tells the rumor, Revan has a brief memory of hiding the helm. They decide to go to Rekkiad themselves.

That  night, Bastila tells Revan that she's pregnant. Revan forbids her from going on the mission.

Scourge arrives on Bosthirda along with Sechel, Murtog, and Murtog's security force. They take out a band of rebels and then find a transmission of Lord Darth Xedrix, a human member of the Dark Council, ordering the humans to kill Nyriss. When they return to Dromund Kaas, Nyriss orders Scourge to kill Xedrix.

Revan and Canderous crash land on Rekkiad and eventually find clan Ordo's camp. Canderous is warmly welcomed back by everyone except for the clan leader, Veela, who looks down on him for leaving the clan after the Mandalorians were defeated. We find out later that Veela is Canderous' wife.

Knowing that Revan is not a popular figure with the Mandalorians, Canderous introduces him as "Avner" and warns him not to pull his lightsaber.

Scourge ambushes and kills Lord Xedrix along with two of his apprentices. Before Xedrix dies, however, he tells Scourge that he is not the one behind the assassination attempts on Lord Nyriss. He says Nyriss was ordering the hits herself to serve as a distraction from her real plans.

Revan has a dream about where he and Malak hid Mandalore's Helm and convinces Veela to go look for it on the Twin Spears mountain. The problem is that clan Jendri has claimed that territory. To find the Helm, they will have to fight the Jendri for the territory first.

Meanwhile, Canderous and Veela have "made up".

Jendri attacks as they cross into their territory, but with Revan's help (revealing himself to be a Jedi), clan Ordo wins the battle and thus the rights to look where they will for the Helm. Mandalorians live for the glory of battle and the Jendri hold no grudges against Ordo for winning.

Scourge returns to Nyriss' and tortures Sechel (cuts off his facial tendrils) to force him to admit that Nyriss ordered the hits herself. He says that Xedrix was working with the human rebels, though.

Nyriss enters to save Sechel and promises to tell Scourge everything. She says that the Emperor is insane and is about to start another war with the Republic. Scourge doesn't believe her. It was the Emperor who had led them to Dromund Kaas after Naga Sadow's fleet had been defeated by the Republic. Everyone knows it would be foolish to challenge the Republic again.

Nyriss offers to show Scourge something that will prove what she's saying. She tells him that the Emperor was born a thousand years ago on a planet now called Nathema. The Emperor hid all records of its real name and trying to go there is punishable by death. Nyriss says he'll find proof there.

The next morning, on Rekkiad, Revan and Canderous climb the Twin Spears with Veela and a few others. Revan and Canderous are the first up and they discover the tomb of a Sith Lord. Revan remembers that as Mandalore was dying, he admitted that the Sith sent the Mandalorians to fight the Republic in order to test the Republic's strength. That was when Revan and Malak took Mandalore's Helm and hid it in the Sith's tomb. Mandalore's last words were the first time anyone in the Republic ever thought that the Sith had survived.

The Sith Lord's body was missing from the Rekkiad tomb so Revan and Malak hid the Helm in the empty tomb, which is where Revan and Canderous now recover it.

Unfortunately, Veela and her team have now arrived and attack Revan. Veela figured out who he was when Revan pulled his lightsaber in the battle.

Canderous shoots and kills Veela.

After the battle, Canderous is sufficiently depressed and wants to know more about the Sith who had originally been buried here. Revan tells him it was Lord Dramath II. His father, Dramath I, ruled Medriaas (later named Nathema) a thousand years ago until he was killed by Lord Vitiate. That was when Dramath II fled here and ruled Rekkiad.

Revan then convinces Canderous to take the Helm and become the new Mandalore. He says the Mandalorians need a strong leader to fight the Sith when they strike again. Canderous reluctantly agrees and names himself Mandalore the Preserver.

Revan then sets out alone for Nathema, hoping to recover more of his memories there.

Nyriss takes Scourge to Nathema. On the way, she tells him that the Emperor was born Tenbrae of Medriaas. His mother had an affair with the planet's Sith ruler, Dramath I. When her husband found out, he tried to kill Tenebrae's mother. Tenebrae killed him with the Force and then killed his mother himself for her crime. Eventually Tenebrae overthrew his own father, Dramath I, and became ruler of Medriaas. Emperor Marka Ragnos named Tenebrae Lord Vitiate.

After the Great Hyperspace War in which Naga Sadow was defeated, Vitiate killed the remaining Sith Lords. Then, to gain more power in the Force, he sucked the lifeforce out of every living thing on Medriaas and renamed the planet Nathema.

When Nyriss and Scourge land, they cannot feel the Force. There are no other living things on Nathema. Scourge has to agree that the Emperor went too far in what he did to Medriaas.

As they are leaving, Revan enters the area and they shoot him down. They then travel back down to the surface and capture him. Nyriss remembers Revan, but Revan does not remember her.

Three years later. Bastila has had her son. The Republic/Jedi have also had another war. A Jedi named Kreia (Darth Traya) turned to the Dark Side and led her followers against the Jedi. It was Meetra who defeated Traya and ended the war.

Now Meetra tells Bastila that she is going to search for Revan. Revan's astromech droid, T3, escaped Nathema and was eventually found by Meetra. Bastila gives Meetra Revan's mask to give to him. She says she's kept it hidden from him, afraid it would unlock his memories and maybe turn him to the Dark Side again, but now she wants Revan to have his memories, and whatever power he needs, if it will help him get back home.

Meetra travels to Nathema and T3 finds records that point them to Dromund Kaas.

Scourge has been continuing his conversations with Revan on a more congenial basis. He enjoys learning what Revan knows about the Force. Revan tries to convince Scourge to free him so that he can help take down the Emperor. He bluffs and tells Scourge that he's had a Force vision of escaping soon.

Meetra arrives on Dromund Kaas and is put in contact with Sechel (by Larvit the merchant) as someone who can be bought to help her find people. She shows him T3's holo-recording of Scourge. Sechel pretends he doesn't know Scourge, but promises to try to find him and set up a meeting between Meetra and her target.

Scourge agrees to meet Meetra, but takes Murtog and his men to ambush her. Meetra defeats the ambush, killing Murtog and his men. When Scourge realizes she is a Jedi, he believes Revan was telling him the truth about the Force vision and agrees to help Meetra free Revan from Nyriss' dungeon.

Scourge finds Sechel, forces him to hand over all the files Sechel has regarding Nyriss' plans, and then kills Sechel. Scourge then goes to the Emperor and tells him of Nyriss' betrayal.

Emperor Vitiate

Scourge then takes Meetra to Nyriss' stronghold, disguising her as his new slave. When the Emperor's attack starts, Scourge and Nyriss use it as a distraction to free Revan from the dungeon. Meetra gives Revan back his mask and his memories instantly return. Nyriss catches up to them. She knows she is about to die, but wants to kill them first. Fortunately, Revan's returned memories have also brought back his full power and he is able to kill Nyriss with the Force.

The two Jedi flee to a cave outside the city. Meetra shows Revan the holo of his son and he tell sher that the Emperor turned him to the Dark Side by the force of his will when he and Malak were here before and sent them to attack the Republic. As time went on, they forgot about the Emperor and Dromund Kaas (the storm planet) and thought they were acting on their own initiative.

Scourge comes to meet them a couple of hours later and tells them that all twelve members of the Dark Council are dead by order of the Emperor. He wanted to flush out all rebellion and make an example of the councilors.

That night, Scourge has a Force vision of the Emperor defeating all of them.

The next morning, the three, along with T3, go to the Emperor's palace. Scourge, known as the informant who turned in Nyriss and her fellow conspirators, demands entry into the throne room. He is denied by Captain Yarri, however, when she recognizes Revan from when the Emperor turned him to the Dark Side.

Scourge and Revan battle the guards, Scourge killing Yarri, while Revan and T3 break in and face the Emperor. 

The Emperor defeats Revan and destroys T3. When Scourge and Meetra enter, Scourge has a vision of an unknown Jedi defeating the Emperor, not Revan or Meetra, so to save himself, he kills Meetra and tells the Emperor he was tricking the two Jedi into coming her so that the Emperor could defeat them.

Emperor Vitiate believes Scourge and makes him the Emperor's Wrath, his right-hand hitman and gives him eternal life via the Dark Side.

He keeps Revan in prison for continued questioning about the Republic. Meetra's spirit stays with Revan, imperceptible even to him, to give him strength.

Years later, Bastila's son, Vaner, comes to visit with his wife, Emess, and their two children, Reesa and Bress. Vaner is a politician and not Force-sensitive, but his two children are.

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