Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan #3" Plot Summary

Writer: John Ostrander


The Je'daii on Tython show the skull of one of the aliens that crash-landed with Xesh to the holocron of Master A'nang, a Kwa (a race that had teleportals and helped bring civilization to less developed planets). When A'nang recognizes it as a Rakata skull, he recoils in fear and fades away.

On the crystal planet of Krev Coeur, Daegen Lok is using the Force to make an old acquaintance sell him the crystals necessary to build a Forcesaber at a large discount. Ranger Bel Zana spots them. Lok seems about to kill the merchant, Slug, and so she intervenes.

Lok makes her believe she is on fire and then Jake Fenn and Sek'nos come to her rescue. Lok sends Zana off a cliff. Sek'nos tries to save her, but then falls off the cliff. Fenn catches her while Lok and Xesh escape.

Sek'nos wakes up on Trill's ship. She is masking her connection to the Force so that he believes she is just a common thief who saved his life. He landed on her ship when he fell.

Lok and Xesh travel to the industrial planet Nox and Lok uses the Force to make Master Gratz believe that a pack of nashtah has invaded his forge and that he must be very quiet to avoid being eaten. There, Xesh makes a Forcesaber for Lok out of the crystals.

Lok says they are going to raise an army next.

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