Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Star Wars: Dark Times: Fire Carrier #1" Plot Summary

Writer: Randy Stradley

Master K'kruhk and his rescued Younglings crash land in their pirate ship on the planet Arkinnea and are taken to a refugee holding camp. When their number is chosen, they will be sent to the free lands to the north to help build a new colony.

K'kruhk stops a fight between a Republic loyalist and a Separatist.

The militia of Arkinnea, led by Captain Relik, resents the Separatist refugees because the Seps overran Arkinnea during the war. Commander Teron is the Imperial officer overseeing the planet and he reminds Relik that the war is over and that all of the refugees are now citizens of the Empire.

Master Zao finds K'kruhk and the kids. Zao did not take action during the war and was therefore able to escape fairly easily when the clones attacked. He warns K'kruhk that the Force has revealed danger in this place and urges him to flee.

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