Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Star Wars: Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets #5" Plot Summary

Writer: John Ostrander

Boba Fett has Jahan, Candra, and Bron at gunpoint when Lord Borgin's security force, commanded by Captain Jorrick, enters. Cross kisses Tymon and sends her off with Bron while he and Fett fight off Borgin's team.

Cross shoots Jorrick (he later dies assumedly) and once the rest of the team is taken care of, Fett and Cross resume their fight. Fett is reluctant to kill Cross, but can't let him get in the way of his killing Bron for his employer.

The ship Bron and Candra are blows up after Fett shoots it. Fett knows his shot couldn't have done it and so now wonders who stole his kill. Cross tells him it was Lord Borgin who blew up the ship, the same man whom Fett thinks hired him, but is now apparently doing the job himself to avoid having to pay Fett.

Fett snipes Borgin for the betrayal.

Borgin's son, Pero, is the new Head of House Borgin and Orom Malvern, Borgin's brother-in-law is named Count.

On Alderaan, we find that in reality, Bron is not dead. Only Tymon died. Bron was on another ship and will now be raised in secret by Jahan's father, Bail Organa, and Princess Leia. Jahan hired Fett indirectly, not Borgin, knowing he could use Fett to fake Bron's death and kill Borgin.

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