Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Star Wars #1" Plot Summary

Writer: Brian Wood

Luke, Leia, and Wedge have traveled to the Dominus sector in the Outer Rim, looking for a suitable place for the new Rebel base. Luke is depressed about how many deaths the Alliance has taken and the fact that the Empire still has them on the run.

When a Star Destroyer suddenly appears, Leia is shot down by a deployed Tie Fighter and crash lands on Dominus. She kills the Tie pilot and Luke and Wedge repair her X-Wing.

When they arrive back at the fleet, Mon Mothma suspects a spy told the Empire that they would be scouting Dominus and puts Leia in charge of a secret team to find the spy and find a new base. Leia's first recruit is Luke.

Meanwhile, the Emperor gives command of Darth Vader's star destroyer to Colonel Bircher and orders Vader to undertake a certain secret mission of his own.

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