Monday, January 14, 2013

"Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi: Redemption" Plot Summary

Writer: Kevin J. Anderson

Ten years after the Sith War, Nomi Sunrider calls a Jedi convocation on Exis Station. Bored, Vima Sunrider, a teenager now, takes a mining ship for a spin and gets caught in the sun's gravitational pull. She is rescued by a late-arriving Tott Doneeta.

Vima Sunrider

Meanwhile, a pilot named Hoggon is helping a still Force-blind Ulic Qel-Droma find a peaceful planet to settle on. Ulic chooses the ice planet, Rhen Var.


He soon breaks through the ice and falls. He is about to die when Master Arca appears to him in the Force and tells him to live.

Since her mother never has time to train her, Vima stows away on Hoggon's ship and then asks him to take her to Ulic so she can ask him to train her. Hoggon never realized that the man he was transporting before was the infamous Ulic, but he drops her off on Rhen Var as she requests.

Hoggon returns to Exis Station to tell Nomi where Vima is, but she refuses to see him. She's too upset about the message she received from Vima, saying that she's going to be trained by Ulic.

Hoggon tells Sylvar where Ulic is and she is more than happy to go with him. She is still angry about Crado's death and wants to get revenge on Ulic.

Meanwhile, Ulic is doing very well teaching Vima.

Nomi arrives on Rhen Var and is convinced by Vima to forgive Ulic. Sylvar then attacks Ulic when he is alone, but when he refuses to fight her, she also forgives him. Hoggon, however, has been looking on and shoots Ulic. He thinks he'll be famous for killing the Dark Jedi criminal.

Ulic then vanishes, an ability only Jedi Masters have.

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