Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Star Wars: Purge: The Tyrant's Fist #1" Plot Summary

Writer: Alexander Freed

Darth Vader arrives on Vaklin, where a group of Jedi have stirred up a rebellion against the Empire. Most of the Jedi have been defeated, but Cho'na Bene is hiding with his forces in the Howling Mountains.

Vader takes a squad of stormtroopers into the mountains' caves and the Cho'na Bene attacks and then tries to lure Vader and his squad deeper into the mountain, but Vader refuses to give chase.

Jedi Knight Cho'na Bene

Major Oniye Namada, a female Imperial officer, tries to get information about the insurgency from a local fruit seller named D'jon, but he says he's grateful for what the Jedi did for Vaklin in the past and pretends not to know anything about the insurgency.

Meanwhile, Vader returns to his command post. He has another Jedi there whom he has captured as part of the Vaklin rebellion. He tortures the Jedi with the Force until he tells him that Cho'na is hiding in the caverns beneath the Temple of Imperfect Repose.

Cho'na Bene then attacks the command center, hoping to free his fellow Jedi, but Vader kills the Jedi and Cho'na once again escapes.

Vader then summons Major Namada and seeks her help in understanding how to stop the locals from supporting the Jedi insurgency.

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