Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan #1" Plot Summary

Writer: John Ostrander


The planet Byss. Skal'nas, Predor of the Rakatan Infinite Empire, is beating Trill (on cover) for not being able to find the planet Tython when his rival, Tul'kar, was able to send Xesh to find it.


The planet Tython was for Force-adepts only. Those not able to use the Force were sent to the moons of Tython, Bogan and Ashla. From there, people eventually travelled the universe, colonizing other planets.

Xesh has been on Bogan for two months. He is supposed to be trying to find the balance in the Force between light and dark before being allowed to come back to Tython.

A fellow exile of the moon, Daegen Lok, finds Xesh and shows him a Shikaawan fighter, a spaceship that crash landed on Bogan twelve years ago during the war.

Meanwhile, on Tython, in the Stav Kesh fortress, Je'daii Master Tave is practicing with the three Journeyers, Shae Koda, Sek'nos Rath, and Tasha Ryo. The three Journeyers still feel that Xesh should have been allowed to stay on Tython so that the Je'daii could help him find balance rather than sending him to find it himself.

Master Ketu visits his former Master, Rajivari, to ask his wisdom on recent events. Rajivari says the council should have listened to Daegen Lok, and should listen to the Journeyers now. He warns him that a war is likely coming to Tython.

Lok tells Xesh that he and Hawk Ryo explored the Chasm on Tython, despite warnings not to because the Chasm caused everyone who went too deep to go insane. That was when he saw the vision of the coming Force war, with enemies using flame swords (lightsabers). The council thought he was crazy and exiled him to Bogan.

Xesh says the Rakatan Force-hounds use forcesabers (flame swords) as their weapon. Lok asks if Xesh could build another and he says that he could if he had the right materials.

Xesh then uses the Force to re-charge the ship's power cells and they take off for another planet in order to find crystals to make a forcesaber.

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