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"Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Volume 1: Force Storm" Plot Summary

Writer: John Ostrander

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Volume 1: Force Storm cover by Jan Duursema

The Dai Bendu monks of Ando Prime waited for a thousand years for the alien pyramid, the Tho Yor, that had landed on their planet to invite them in, opening its door. When they entered, the pyramid took off into space.

Tho Yors also opened and took off on Kashyyyk (Wookiee homeworld), Dathomir, Ryloth (Twi'leks), Manaan (Selkath), and three others, then traveled to still different worlds, picking up more peoples and finally delivering them to the planet Tython.

There the peoples learned the Force and how to live in balance in it. They called themselves the Je'daii (Dai Bendu for "mystic center").

Those who were born without the ability to use the Force were sent to the moons Ashla and Bogan because the planet would actually attack those who were not in balance. The Je'daii and their non-Force adept descendants eventually spread out again in the galaxy, the Je'daii often using their abilities to change the course of events on a planet.

A Je'daii progressed from Youngling to Apprentice to Journeyer to Ranger to Master.

Ten thousand years later. On Shikaakwa, dictator queen Hadiya gathered her armies and invaded Tython in the Despot War, but was defeated and killed.

Hadiya Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi 1.jpg
Queen Hadiya

Twelve years later, the Infinite Empire of the Rakata invades Tatooine. Xesh (in helmet on cover), Force Hound for Predor Tul'kar has sensed some who can use the Force here. Tul'kar takes them as slaves. He is then summoned to Byss by his commander, Predor Skal'nas.

Xesh unmasked

Predor Tul'kar

Predor Skal'nas

Skal'nas wants to use Xesh to find a Force world that his own hound, Trill, can't precisely locate.

Trill ForceHound.jpg

On a watch satellite, Ranger Hawk Ryo senses something Dark approaching and warns Master Ketu on Tython, then pursues the object in his fighter.

Hawk Ryo 2.jpg
Hawk Ryo


On Tython, Shae Koda receives a vision of Xesh and goes to find him.

Shae Koda2.jpg
Shae Koda

On Shikaawa, Jaris Kan attacks Volnos Ryo, but he is protected by his Je'daii daughter, Tasha. Volnos kills Kan and Tasha also sees a vision of Xesh. Her father wants her to stay, but he is a crime lord and she is Je'daii.

Jaris Kan
Jaris Kan

 Volnos Ryo
Volnos Ryo

Tasha Ryo2.jpg
Tasha Ryo

On Tython, Sek'nos Rath sees the vision and so does DaegenLok on the moon Bogan.

Sek'nos Rath2.jpg
Sek'nos Rath

Daegen Lok 4.jpg
Daegen Lok

Koda, Tasha, and Sek see Xesh's ship crash. He survives and fights them with his Forcesaber (only the Rakata have them at this point), but is forced to retreat.

The three follow him into the desert and are soon followed by Hawk (Tasha's uncle), Ranger Rori Fenn, and Master Quan-Jang.

Rori Fenn


Xesh falls unconscious and is captured by giant spiders. He dreams about how he killed his master, Tul'kar, and caused the ship to crash, but doesn't remember why. He wakes and frees himself.
As he battles more beasts of the desert, he remembers fighting in the Rakata arenas. As a slave, Tul'kar made him fight against other Predors' Force Hounds.

The three Journeyers find and rescue him. He retreats, but then returns when he sees Shae Koda defending the others. He's never seen anyone help someone else against their own interests.

Fenn and Quan-Jang then catch up. When they ask Xesh to surrender, he tries to fight again, but is captured. He keeps expecting them to kill him, but they heal him instead. Tasha then reads his mind. He has been raised to know only the Dark side of the Force and is therefore sent to Bogan until he discovers the Light. He is too dangerous to stay on Tython.

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