Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Star Wars: Knight Errant: Escape #2" Plot Summary

Writer: John Jackson Miller

Lord Odion attacked Kerra's homeworld of Aqualaris ten years ago. Kerra assumed that her parents, Aron and Mercia, died. Now she knows that they were captured and sent on a mission for Lord Odion.

Kerra is following her parents' footsteps, looking for the Helm of Ieldis in Mount Diligence on the planet Sarrassia. She separates herself from the rest of her team and is mistakenly attacked by Aunt Zoojoo, a native priestess of Sarrassia who remembers Kerra and her parents when they were here before, doing archaeological work. She confirms that Aron and Mercia came here looking for the Helm for Odion, but that they gave it to Zoojoo to hide. She hid it on Skarpos. She also says that Aron and Mercia did not have another child with them, even though Mercia was pregnant when they were captured, and that Aron and Mercia thought Kerra died in the attack, just as she thought they had died.

Aunt Zoojoo

General Yulan then catches up and Zoojoo blows up the chamber they're in to keep him from following the clues. Zoojoo dies, but Kerra and the others escape. Kerra then tells Yulan that the Helm is on Skarpos, Lord Malakite's world. She knows it's a risk telling him, but she's hoping to find a clue as to where her parents are and thinks that as long as she keeps following the Helm, she'll eventually find them.

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