Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Star Wars: Knight Errant: Escape #1" Plot Summary

Writer: John Jackson Miller

Kerra Holt is on Tergamenion, one of Daiman's slave worlds. She jumps off a building, pretending to be a slave committing suicide, and is rescued by one of the guards who is an undercover agent, a claimer, for Odion. His name is Wayman, a Dark Jedi, and he says that if Kerra wants to die, she should join Lord Odion and die taking some of Daiman's people with her.


When Wayman leaves, Kerra contacts Daiman and tells him that she's made contact with Odion's people, just as they planned. She's going to Odion's territory to complete a mission and is using Daiman to help her.

Now in Odion's army under General Beld Yulan, Kerra (alias Mercy) helps to attack Skarpos, a world controlled by Lord Malakite (Daiman and Odion's cousin) and inhabited by various mutants, Sith experimental creatures. The battle ends in a draw and Kerra's squad is sent to Jubalene to see Odion himself.

General Beld Yulan

Lord Malakite

Kerra covers her face in Odion's presence. She learns that Odion has rediscovered the Sith ability of channeling despair into rage. He can use others' despair to send someone else into a killing rampage, very useful for Lord Odion since his connection to the Force makes the presence of other living things painful for him. Now he is sending Kerra's team to find the Helm of Ieldis, an ancient Sith artifact that will enhance his powers. It is on Sarrassia, a newly conquered world from Lord Bactra. He tried to find the Helm before, calling the mission Project Pandemonium, but it failed.

Kerra uses the database to find that her parents, Aron and Mercia Holt, were captured by Odion's forces, not killed, and sent on Project Pandemonium.

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