Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Star Wars: Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets #2" Plot Summary

Writer: John Ostrander

Five days later, Jahan arrives on Serenno to facilitate the choosing of a Regent for the new Count Dooku. Adan Dooku's son, Bron, is too young to rule by himself.

Jahan's father, Davim, is the ambassador for Serenno. He resents the Empire and Jahan for serving it. Davim was a politician in the Republic and apparently made use of his wife's frequent affairs for political gain.

Jahan goes to meet with Rodas Borgin (bottom right of center), the man he is supposed to help get named Regent to the new Count Dooku. He proves his worth by defeating Borgin's head of security, Hovus Jorrick (bottom right).

Borgin then tells him that as punishment to Serenno for supporting Count Dooku during the Clone Wars, Vader made all of the heirs of the noble houses kill the current lords. Borgin was forced to kill his father.

The next day, all of the lords are loaded onto an airship are will not be allowed to dock until a regent is chosen. Bron and Jahan are also aboard. Jahan notices another airship coming to attack them. It is Vex (bottom left) and Ramchak along with Ramchak's crew.

Vex and Ramchack kidnap Bron and escape.

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