Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral #4" Plot Summary

Writer: John Jackson Miller

Lord Dreypa releases the Leviathans from the volcanoes of the Sessal Spire and claims that they are the help he needs, turning against Spinner and his own forces.

Takara and the Doomed then show up. Takara is about to kill Spinner when Spinner alerts her that one of the Leviathans has her mother, Queen Iliana. She saves Iliana, but is then captured herself. Spinner saves Takara and kills the Leviathan with Takara's lightsaber. The Leviathans, however, steal life force, and Iliana has aged thirty years in its grasp.

Lord Dreypa has begun to remember more of his former life and he knows that he is searching for something. Kaliska reveals to Takara and Spinner that he is looking for a spaceship to take him off planet. It is the only spaceship on the planet, kept hidden by the Doomed, but buried under Tahv, the Sith Tribe's capital. Takara sends Kaliska and Spinner to destroy that ship while she leads the troops against Dreypa.

Spinner leaves on the back of an uvak, a flying reptile, but Kaliska is caught by a Leviathan and killed. When it steals her lifeforce, it transfers Kaliska's memories to Dreypa, so now he knows about the ship and where it is.

Once he reaches Tahv, and carries Iliana to safety, Spinner does not destroy the spaceship, but launches it.

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