Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral #3" Plot Summary

Writer: John Jackson Miller

The Dark Jedi, Dreypa, has placed his enemies in the hold of the ship, intending to use Takara as a bargaining chip when they reach the mainland once more.

Landing the sailing vessel in Eorm, Spinner's hometown, Dreypa makes a show of strength and then convinces the Sith descendants there to follow him in rebellion. Spinner is Dreypa's right-hand man.

Fortunately, Takara and Kaliska escape. Kaliska returns to Eshkrene to bring the Doomed to help.

Dreypa attacks Tahv, the capital of the mainland, but is quickly routed by Iliana, the queen.

Dreypa and his followers flee to the Sessal Spire, a volcano on the edge of the continent. Iliana leads her army there, expecting to easily catch Dreypa (she assumes he's a regular rebel) when Dreypa summons monsters from the lava. They are beasts he brought here 4,000 years ago and have allowed to grow and hibernate here since that time.

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