Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Star Wars: Darth Maul: Death Sentence #4" Plot Summary

Writer: Tom Taylor

Master Judd finds but refuses to fight Maul, choosing instead to help end the slaughter of the Moorjhoni on the surface. He climbs to the surface and jumps in front of a clone trooper blaster shot as both he and Obi Wan call for a cease fire.

In the mine, Ja'boag is getting ready to escape when Master Salmara and Dray show up to arrest him. He tries to shoot Salmara, but she blocks it. He then lowers the mine doors so the Moorjhoni and everyone on the surface will burn when the three suns rise, but Masters Judd and Kenobi use the Force to keep the doors up long enough for everyone to enter.

Darth Maul catches up to Ja'boag and the two Jedi in Ja'boag's office. He wants to free his brother and take Ja'boag with him. When Salmara and Dray refuse, he uses the Force to switch Savage Opress' carbonite chamber to off, freeing him. As he awakes behind Salmara, he uses his lightsaber to stab her through the middle.

Padawan Dray attacks, but is knocked unconscious. The two Sith brothers escape with Ja'boag.

On the surface, Master Judd holds the doors open himself while Obi Wan and everyone else gets inside. Too weak to keep them open and run in himself, he burns on the surface. The Moorjhoni know recognize him as the prophesied Demon in the Light rather than Darth Maul.

Onboard their ship, the two Sith force Ja'boag to transfer all of his money to them in exchange for his life. Once complete, they then throw him out the airlock.

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