Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Vader's Quest TPB" Plot Summary

Writer: Darko Macan

Jal Te Gniev was recently fired as a pilot from the Rebel fleet and made a recruiter to the planet Dubrava. Jal is very envious of the attention Luke has been getting for destroying the Death Star.

JalTeGniev-VQ     Luke-rotjpromo
Jal Te Gniev                                                               Luke Skywalker

Jal on Dubrava

On Centares, a group of bounty hunters working for Darth Vader finds Jal and tortures him until he gives up the name of the one who destroyed the Death Star. Vader then kills the bounty hunters in order to keep Luke's name to himself. Only one of them, Mala, escapes, who then also frees Jal.

Vaderarmor negwt     MalaMala-VQ1
Darth Vader                                                 Mala Mala

Meanwhile, Luke is on a diplomatic mission to Jazbina. He is trying to convince them to leave the Empire and join the Rebellion, but most of the people are against the idea. Lord Prepredenko, the planet's ruler, says that Luke might win the people over if he is able to rescue his kidnapped daughter, Syayna.

Lord Prepredenko                                       Syayna

On Coruscant,  Vader reports to the Emperor for the first time since the destruction of the Death Star. He lies and keeps the information about Luke to himself.

On Jazbina, Prepredenko sends Luke down a mine shaft to find his daughter. Apparently, that's where the kidnappers took her. In the mine, Luke is attacked by a Tikulini, a giant worm with teeth, but he kills it with his lightsaber.  When he finds the princess, it turns out that she was kidnapped at all, but was simply defecting to the Rebellion, hoping to someday convince her father to do the same.

Prepredenko then remotely activates the droid, 3DVO, that has been following Luke and recording his doings. The droid stuns Luke and the princess, giving Prepredenko's soldiers a chance to enter the mine and collect them. Prepredenko then receives a transmisson that Darth Vader is on his way and wants Luke dead when he arrives.


Syayna shoots Luke for her father, making him think she killed him, but only stunning him. When Prepredenko leaves to greet Vader, she pulls Luke out of the cell and gets him to safety on the planet's surface away from the palace.

When Prepredenko greets Vader and tells him that Skywalker is dead, Vader is furious. He never said he wanted Skywalker dead. Prepedenko's droid lied to him in return for Prepredenko making the droid stun Skywalker and Syayna. The droid, 3DVO, then finds Prepredenko in prison and apologizes for his deception. He then helps Prepredenko send a transmission to his daughter, apologizing to her.

Syayna and her Rebels then re-enter the city, seeking a ship to send Luke off planet in. Jal meets up with them and then they are all found by Vader and his Stormtroopers. A group of citizens then arrive to support the princess, and Jal escapes in an X-wing during the commotion.

When Vader threatens to shoot the citizens, Luke surrenders. In orbit, Jal flies his X-Wing into Vader's command ship, destroying both. Vader is then forced to withdraw on his shuttle.

On Coruscant, Mala tells the Emperor everything that has happened, but the Emperor is content to let Vader keep his secret, and see what he does.

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