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"Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic TPB" Plot Summary

Writer: Tom Veitch

"Ulic Qel-Droma and the Beast Wars of Onderon"

On Arkania, Master Arca is training his padawans, Ulic Qel-Droma,  Cay Qel-Droma, and Tott Doneeta.

Master Arca Jeth                                   Ulic Qel-Droma

Cayqeldroma     Tottidarklords
Cay Qel-Droma                                          Tott Doneeta

He tells his learners that the Republic has just made contact with a planet named Onderon. Onderon has a moon called Dxun, on which there are ferocious monsters. Whenever Dxun comes close in orbit to Onderon, the monsters can fly for leap from the moon to the planet. In order to protect themselves, the Onderonians have built a city called Iziz with a massive wall around it to house all of its citizens. Criminals are sent outside the wall to die by the monsters, but now some of the criminals have banded together and have even tamed some of the monsters. They are using them to assault the city and the government of Iziz has asked the Jedi for help. Arca is sending his three Padawans to bring peace to the planet.

As their ship enters the atmosphere, the three Jedi are attacked by the Beast Riders. They make it through the assault, however, and land in Iziz. Queen Amanoa's bueracrats meet them, but when they see Tott, they arrest them. Being new to the Republic, the Onderonians are not yet comfortable with aliens. The Queen orders Tott's immediate release, however, and calls the three into her presence.

Amanoamain     Tottidarklords
Amanoa                                                        Tott Doneeta

Queen Amanoa is disappointed that the Republic sent padawans instead of Masters, but is interrupted by a report that some of the outlaws have actually broken into the city. She tells the Jedi that they can prove themselves by fighting off the outlaws. Unfortunately, the outlaws succeed in kidnapping the Queen's daughter, Galia. Amanoa sends the three to rescue her.


As they are flying over the wilds of Onderon, the beastmasters shoot them down. They land in front of a fortress and are met by a pack of Boma beasts. It's a good thing that Tott has the Force ability of communicating with animals. Soon, the Jedi are riding the Boma into the fortress, where they find Princess Galia about to marry Oron Kira, son of Modon Kira, the warlord.

Oron Kira                                         Modon Kira

Galia says stops the Jedis' rescue attempt by saying that she wants to marry Oron. She was the one who organized her own abduction. It seems that Oron snuck into the city some time ago and they met and fell in love. Galia also says that the Dark Side reigns in Iziz.

Freedon Nadd, a Sith lord, came to Onderon 400 years ago and ruled the planet. Anyone who opposes the Dark Side is labeled an outlaw and is cast out of Iziz.

Freedon Nadd Headshot
Freedon Nadd

Ulic convinces Galia and Oron to go to Queen Amanoa, reveal the marriage, and ask for peace. When they speak to the Queen, however, she lashes out at all of them with the Dark Side, calling on the spirit of Freedon Nadd. Oron radios his father and all of the beastriders then attack the city.

Amanoa's guards cut off Cay's arm as the Queen herself enters Nadd's mausoleum and begins using battle meditation against the beastlords.

Ulic helps Cay escape and Cay transfixes a droid arm in the place of the one he lost. Master Arca then arrives and begins using battle meditation as well. Once the city has been conquered by the beastriders, the four Jedi track Queen Amanoa down in Nadd's mausoleum. Since his death, it has become a center for the Dark Side, but when Arca enters the tomb, the Dark Side is dissipated and Queen Amanoa dies.

Galia then takes the throne and, with Oron,  unites Iziz with the beastlords.

"The Saga of Nomi Sunrider"

Andur Sunrider, Jedi Knight, is on his way with his wife, Nomi, and infant daughter, Vima, to visit Jedi Master Thon on Ambria. All three members of the family are Force-adept, but Nomi feels she is too timid to be a Jedi.

AndurS     Nomi Sunrider
Andur Sunrider                                           Nomi Sunrider

Vima1     Thonheadshot
Vima Sunrider                                        Thon

When they stop on a space station, a gang of thugs, employed by Bogga the Hutt, kills Andur in order to steal the Adegan crystals he's carrying. The crystals are expensive and, among other things, are used to make lightsabers. After his death, Andur immediately appears in the Force and tells Nomi to use his lightsaber to defend herself and Vima. Nomi cuts one of the gangsters in half, and the others flee.

Great Bogga the Hutt
Bogga the Hutt

Nomi and Vima make it to Stenness and are led by the Force to Master Thon's house. Soon afterward, the Hutt and his gang attack, still wanting to steal the Adegan crystals. Thon is downed and about to be blasted when his pet charges and rescues him, sending the Hutt and his gang fleeing. It is then revealed that the animal is actually Master Thon, the other his padawan, Oss Willum.

Oss Willum

Months later, still on Ambria, Vima wanders toward Lake Natth, a place of Dark Side power, contained there by Masther Thon. When two water dragons come out of the lake to attack Vima, Nomi uses battle meditation to make the two beasts fight each other.

Tott Doneeta then arrives on planet and takes Oss to help fight the Freedon Nadd uprising on Onderon.

Meanwhile, Thon teaches Nomi. The woman refuses to use a lightsaber, though, because it reminds her too much of her husband's death.

Elsewhere, Bogga the Hutt promises to allow his rival and captive, Captian Finhead Stonebone, to live if he kills Master Thon and brings him the Adegan crystals.

Finhead Stonebone

Stonebone attacks Thon, Nomi, and Vima. Nomi still refuses to use a lightsaber, so Master Thon surrenders. Seeing him being taken captive, Nomi relents in her refusal. She uses battle meditation again to turn the pirates against each other and then takes up the lightsaber to free Thon.

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