Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Star Wars: Tales from Mos Eisley" Plot Summary

Writer: Bruce Jones


"Light Duty"

Garve, an Imperial officer, meets Phlik (pictured above), a Rebel recruiter, in a bar and tells him the following story. Garve was a mercenary hired by the Empire to work a lighthouse. On the beach, Garve saw a group of sand sculptures in the shape of beautiful women. That night, a woman appeared outside the lighthouse, but Garve couldn't let her in because the door was on a timelock.

Garve     Phlik
Garve                                                 Phlik

The next day, Garve walked the beach again and saw a group of aliens hurriedly building a raft to get off the beach. At night, two women appear, but still Garve is unable to let them in. Good thing, too, because he then sees a ship drop off more aliens and the women turn into amoeba-like monsters and kill the aliens. Garve realizes that the aliens were prisoners and that they had just received the death sentence.

The next day, Garve is walking on the beach when the sculptures of women come to life and try to eat him. He makes it back to the lighthouse, but then one of them dresses up as a soldier and tricks Garve into letting her in.

Garve is able to kill her and then steal the next prisoner transport ship that comes in. He flies it to Mos Eisley and presents the prisoners to Phlik to recruit.

"Mostly Automatic"

Bezzem meets Tem Chesko in a bar on Mos Eisley. Tem is a ninety-year-old cargo transporter. When he was twenty-two, he set out from Cirus 2, but then hit an asteroid and lost all hyperdrive and communications. It would take him sixty years to reach his destination, during which he went insane, being the only person aboard the ship.

Bezzem.JPG     TemChesko
Bezzem                                  Tem Chesko

When he was thirty, he finally discovered a service droid stored on the ship and activated her, calling her Millie.


With someone to keep him company, he regained his sanity. They eventually fell in love and when Tem began to have health problems at age sixty-one, Millie nursed him. To keep him alive, she even gave him parts of herself, turning him into a cyborg.

"Heggs' Tale"

Sam Heggs meets Jeet Travis and offers him a Grumph egg in exchange for his bottle of Vaschean Rye alcohol. Vash is Heggs' home planet.

VascheanRye.jpg     JeetTravis
Sam Heggs                                                 Jeet Travis

Jeet accepts, but Heggs has to tell him how he got the Grumph egg first. Hegg says he was hunting, and found the nest. He then found a Grumph chasing a man, but the Grumph and man were caught in a time rift, so he couldn't fully interact with them. He notices that man's knapsack has the initials "S.H." though and decides he has to help him.

a Grumph

Heggs shoots the Grumph eggs until the Grumph in the time rift disappears. He tells Jeet that the Grumph and man were in the future and so when he shot the egg that the Grumph would grow out of, he erased the future Grumph. He also says that the future man was Heggs himself. S.H. for Sam Heggs.

Jeet isn't sure the story makes sense, but Heggs has already drank his Vasch.

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