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"Star Wars: River of Chaos TPB" Plot Summary

Writer: Louise Simonson

A squadron of TIE fighter pilots attack the underwater Rebel base on the Mon Calamari world of Aquarl 3. All of the pilots are shot down except Ranulf Trommer,  Empire hero (male pictured above). He manages to hit the base with a missile, creating a breach inside. Princess Leia flees to an escape vessel, admiring how good of a shot the enemy pilot is.

RanulfTrommer     Leia endorpromo02
Ranulf Trommer                                          Leia Amidala Skywalker

As a reward, Ranulf is stationed on M'haeli as the aide to Governor Grigor. He is also to spy on the governor for Grand Moff Lynch.

Governor Grigor     
Governor Grigor                                  Grigor interrogating prisoner

Lynch Hauser

On M'haeli, heiress to the now deposed ruling house, is Mora (also pictured above), a young woman who was found and raised by an elderly H'drachi named Ch'no. She does not, however, know that she is the heir. She just knows that the Empire must be stopped and her world freed.

Mora swenc     Ch'no
Mora                                                              Ch'no

When Ranulf arrives on M'haeli, Governor Grigor tells him to infiltrate the H'drachi by befriending Mora to see if the H'drachi are part of the Rebellion on M'haeli. When he goes to meet Mora, though, Stormtroopers bust in and try to arrest him, saying that he's a Rebel spy. Trommer guesses correctly that Grigor set him up to keep Trommer from spying on him. Mora and a small group led by Leia intervene and they all escape together.

Wisely, though, Leia and the other Rebels do not trust Ranulf and will not lead him to their real headquarters on M'haeli. They visit him in the cave they've hidden him in and Mora chooses to stay with him in order to tend to him since his robotic leg had been damaged in the fight. Mora is a mechanic by trade and is easily able to repair it.

A few days later, at Ch'no's direction, Mora and Ranulf find a secret  mining excavation taking place in the remote area of the planet. The guards are imposter Stormtroopers and they are using M'haeli slaves to work the mines. The two heroes believe that it is Governor Grigor who has arranged this, not the Empire. Ranulf believes that if he can remove Grigor and his cruelties, the people of M'haeli will stop rebelling against the beneficent Empire. He also finds himself falling in love with Mora.

When Ranulf enters the Governor's palace and confronts Grigor, the politician admits to everything, but then his guards capture Ranulf.

Back at Rebel HQ, Merrick, another Rebel, reports that he saw Ranulf enter the palace unchallenged and correctly surmises that he is a spy for the Governor and the Empire.

Ace Merrick
Captain "Ace" Merrick

Meanwhile, Ranulf is being tortured for information about the Rebels, but he won't break.

When the Rebels hear that Grigor's troops have burned a H'drachi village looking for Ch'no and Mora, they decide to destroy Grigor's mine.

At the same time, Grigor welcomes the bounty hunter Glott to the planet and commissions him to kill or capture Mora. One of the Rebels, a woman named Jalose, leaks information on the attack in order to get Mora captured. She is jealous of Merrick's affection for Mora even though Mora in in love with Ranulf.

Glott                                                       Jalose

Grigor tells Ranulf about Glott, which proves to provide enough impetus for Ranulf to escape. Taking out his guard, he steals a Stormtrooper suit and then sends a message about Grigor's independent mining operation and imposter Stormtroopers to the Empire.

Mora and the Rebels free the slaves at the mine and are then attacked by Glott. The bounty hunter captures Mora, but is forced to hand her off to one of his partners when Ranulf shows up. Ranulf defeats Glott, but is then captured as a traitor himself by Merrick, who misunderstands the situation and lets Glott go.

Glott and his partners deliver Mora to Grigor, who then discovers that Mora is the last surviving member of the M'haeli ruling family and announces via telecast that she has agreed to marry him.

Ranulf then convinces Leia to let him go so he can rescue Mora and take down Grigor. He admits that he is an Imperial officer, as Jalose admits she betrayed the mission, but is not at odds with Rebellion at this point, only Grigor.

Ranulf, Merrick, and Jalose then break in and rescue Mora. Glott chases them and shoots and kills Jalose. Glott's advantage is that he is a Gotal and therefore able to sense people's movements beforehand.

The H'drachi inform Ranulf that Glott's sixth sense comes from his horns. When Ranulf shoots one of them off, he is easily able to defeat the bounty hunter.

Grigor then leads an attack against the Rebel base, but the Rebels knew that he would come and so are able to ambush him as he approaches. Ranulf kills Grigor when he again captures Mora and tries to use her as a hostage.

The real Imperials then show up, including Ranulf's father and Grand Moff Hauser. When the Grand Moff announces that Mora is to be killed and the planet turned into an armaments factory, Ranulf takes Mora and escapes, his father bumping the Grand Moff's arm to make him miss his blaster shot as the two are fleeing.

Grand Moff Hauser and Ranulf's father

Ranulf officially joins the Rebellion, giving his loyalty to Princess Leia. The Rebels then destroy the mine. Merrick stays behind to hold off the attacking Stormtroopers and set off the bombs, sacrificing himself in the process.

Together, Ranulf, Mora, and Ch'no fly into space to join the greater Rebellion, hoping to one day free M'haeli from the Emperor's control.

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