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"Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith TPB (I#1-6)" Plot Summary

Writer: Kevin J. Anderson

Jedi Padawan Odan-Urr prefers to engage in scholarly studies, but a Jedi must also take action when necessary. Ooroo, Odan-Urr's former master, sends him to assist Empress Teta in the Koros system. There are seven planets in the Koros system and only one remains unconquered by the Empress.

Odan-Urr                                   Ooroo

Empress Teta

Though Odan-Urr would rather read history, he is about to make it.

Meanwhile, Hok and Timar Daragon are on Cinnagar, getting ready to transport supplies to Teta's forces on Kirrek, the planet Empress Teta wants to conquer. Aarrba the Hutt has fronted the money to repair their ship in exchange for a share of their profits from the Empress' soldiers. Hok and Timar's children, Gav and Jori stay behind with their own ship as collateral to the Hutt.

Mrdaragon     Mrsdaragon
Hok Daragon                                Timar Daragon

Aarrba the Hutt                              Gav Daragon

Jori Daragon

Odan-Urr arrives on Cinnagar and meets Empress Teta and her Jedi advisor, Memit Nadill. They depart with Teta's space navy and win the battle against Kirrek, thanks largely in part to Odan-Urr's battle meditation, in which he uses the Force to strengthen his allies' courage and his enemies' fear. Unfortunately, Hok and Timar are killed when the Kirrekians blow up their ship.

Memit Nadill

Feeling sorry for the Daragon family, Aarrba gives Dav and Jori the ship he was holding as surety.

Taking the Starbreaker 12, Dav and Jori become space explorers, looking to discover new hyperspace lanes. The Navigator's Guild approves new lanes and people pay a fee for using the shortcuts.

One day, however, a rising merchant lord named Ssk Kahorr sends a cargo ship on one of the Daragon's hyperspace lanes, despite the known risks, and loses it due to a star exploding nearby.

Ssk Kahorr
Ssk Kahorr

Kahorr hires assassins to kill the Daragons as revenge for his lost ship, but Jedi Knights  Memit Nadill and Odan-Urr show up to save them.

Unable to pay Aarrba for repairs to their ship, but needing to get off planet, the Daragon siblings steal the Starbreaker 12 from Aarrba and program their destination at random.

Across the galaxy, on the planet KorribanSith Lord Marka Ragnos is being buried. Now his priest, Ludo Kressh, and Ludo's rival, Naga Sadow,  fight for the position of next Dark Lord.

Marka Ragnos                            Ludo Kressh

Naga Sadow Headshot
Naga Sadow

Ludo is a conservative, Naga a progressive. Their duel is interrupted by the ghost of Marka Ragnos. Ragnos reminds them that the Dark Lords were once Jedi, but were exiled for their use of the Dark Side. They found their new home among the people of the Sith and intermarried with them, ruling over them. Now the Sith Empire is at a crossroads and he counsels Ludo and Naga to choose their course wisely.

At that moment, Odann-Urr has a vision, warning of the return of the Dark Jedis, and hurries to tell Memit Nadill and Empress Teta.

Gav and Jori also land on Korriban and are taken prisoner by the Sith lords. Naga wants to use the Daragons to find the Republic again, so he can conquer it. Ludo wants to kill them from fear that they have come as spies from the Republic.

Naga Sadow attacks the prison where Gav and Jori are being held, and frees the siblings, making it look like a Republic rescue. He then convinces the other Sith lords that the Republic is going to invade their galaxy, and so they must attack first. His persuasiveness causes them to name him the new Dark Lord, while Ludo Kressh takes his followers and refuses to support Naga.

Meanwhile, Empress Teta and Odan-Urr travel to Coruscant to gain the Senate's aid in preparing a defense against the soon-to-return Dark Jedi. Without proof, however, they are unsuccessful in convincing the other representatives.

Back in Sith space, Naga Sadow is teaching Gav how to use the Dark Side of the Force. He could have been a Jedi if he had been willing to undergo the training.

Naga Sadow is holding Jori on another planet. He has two planets with two identical fortresses. He says he is keeping them separated for their safety, in case Ludo finds one, he won't find the other. He then sends his army to steal the Daragons' ship back from Ludo's possession, but leaves proof this time that it was his doing.

In retaliation, Ludo attacks the only fortress of Naga's that he knows about, the one where Jori is being held. As Naga planned, he is able to convince Jori to fly her ship back to the Republic in order to escape the attack, without Gav. Naga, of course, has placed a tracking beacon on the Starbreaker so that he can follow her back to the Republic. He then calls out his forces from his other base and destroys Ludo's forces, save Ludo himself.

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