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"Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire TPB (#1-6)" Plot Summary

Writer: Kevin J. Anderson

When Jori Daragon returns to her home planet of Cinnagar,  exploding with the need to warn everyone of the Dark Jedi she and her brother, Gav,  discovered, she is met with only arrest. She is jailed for taking her ship, the Starbreaker 12,  from Aarrba the Hutt without paying for the repairs he made to it.

JoriDaragon-totjfotse1se     GavdaragonHS
Jori Daragon                                          Gav Daragon

Aarrba the Hutt

Starbreaker 12 is rendered the property of merchant lord Ssk Kahorr as partial payment for the dangerous hyperspace lane previously mapped out by Gav and Jori. Now Jori is in prison and the ship with the coordinates back to Gav and the Sith has been taken.

Ssk Kahorr
Ssk Kahorr

Meanwhile, Master Ooroo suprises his former padawan, Odan-Urr,  with a visit to Empress Teta's palace. Ooroo has been having visions of a coming Sith invasion, as well as some of the other Jedi. He is pleased to see that Empress Teta has been building her defenses.

Ooroo     OdanEGF
Ooroo                                            Odan-Urr

Teta headshot

On Khar Delba, Gav is becoming disillusioned with Naga Sadow.  He discovers that Naga set up Jori's escape just to track her and attack the Republic.  He also has Gav unwittingly press the button that destroys Ludo Kressh's ship.

Naga Sadow Headshot     DarthBallchinCloseup-TOTJGAOTS02
Naga Sadow                            Ludo Kressh

Jori is sentenced to manual labor on the colony world, Ronika. There, she steals a supply ship and returns to Cinnagar, where she sneaks into the Empress' palace and finally delivers her warning.

In space, Ssk Kahorr is taking the Starbreaker 12 out on a test flight when he is destroyed by the approaching Sith fleet.

Naga Sadow's fleet attacks Coruscant just as Memit Nadill arrives on the planet to deliver a warning.

Memit Nadill

Gav is in command of the forces attacking Cinnagar. He takes a ship down to the surface in order to look for Jori. He starts at Aarrba's, but one of his Sith guards kills the Hutt. When Jori enters, she assumes it was Gav who did it and draws a lightsaber (given to her by Odann-Urr) against him. Gav runs back to his ship and then back to his command ship in orbit, with Jori following in another ship. She follows him to Naga Sadow's ship, where he is commanding from a remote location.

Gav damages Sadow's ship, but is then convinced to go speak with Sadow on his damaged ship. When Gav arrives, he realizes that Naga has already left the ship via shuttle, and now he is a prisoner on the damaged ship.

On Kirrek,  one of Empress Teta's newly conquered worlds, Ooroo and Odann-Urr fight the Sith. Losing the battle, Ooroo sacrifices himself in to turn the tide. He is enclosed in a type of glass barrier to keep his Cyanogen atmosphere inside and oxygen out. When he breaks the barrier, the cyanogen kills the Sith surrounding him and the oxygen of the air kills him.

Using Naga's comm system, Gav calls Jori and the Empress to his location and gives them the coordinates to the Sith Empire. Because Naga has brought his entire fleet here, the Sith Empire is defenseless.

Naga then returns and fires into the nearby star before returning to Sith space. The star is now unstable and Gav, in the damaged ship, is unable to escape the explosion. Jori and the Empress must leave him behind as they follow Naga.

When Sadow returns to his own system, he is attacked by Ludo Kressh. Ludo faked his own death earlier and stole power while Naga was away. Naga, however, succeeds in killing Ludo this time.

Jori and Empress Teta then arrive and Naga barely escapes. Fleeing and with only one ship, he eventually settles on the fourth moon of Yavin.

On Cinnagar, Empress Teta rewards Jori by giving her Aarrba's business.

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