Friday, September 14, 2012

"Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral #1" Plot Summary

Writer:John Jackson Miller

The planet Kesh, where Sith followers of Naga Sadow crash landed over two thousand years ago.

Naga Sadow Headshot
Naga Shadow

On this anniversary of the crash, two masked men, one of whom calls himself the Death Spinner, attacks the carraige of Sith Grand Lord Varner Hilts. The Grand Lord is not in the carriage, however, and Death Spinner is caught by Sith woman, Officer Takara.

     Death Spinner                           Grand Lord Varner Hilts

Takara Hilts
Officer Takara

"Death Spinner" is Sith, but an enslaved Sith, named Parlan Spinner. Grand Lord Hilts sentences Spinner to become part of the crew of a sailing ship that is setting out to explore the frontier in Alanciar, parts of the planet beyond where the Sith have taken up residence. Officer Takara is to accompany him to the ship.

It is revealed that Takara is the daughter of Hilts and his wife, Iliana. Because power is earned rather than inherited in Sith society on Kesh, Takara decides to stow away on the ship, seeking to prove her worth in, and perhaps take over, the frontier. They are aboard the Southern Star, captained by a Keshiri native named Chegg.

     Iliana Hilts                                Captain Chegg

During a stop at the planet's South Pole, Takara and Spinner lead a mutiny attempt against Chegg but are captured by the Keshiri captain and his men. Chegg and his fellow captors are immediately killed, however, by arrows from a mysterious band of various aliens calling themselves the Doomed. The Doomed say that they recognize Takara, but Takara has no idea who they are.

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