Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Star Wars: Knight Errant: Escape #3" Plot Summary

Writer: John Jackson Miller

Odion is the older brother of Daiman. Their mother is Xelian the Destroyer. Their grandmother, Vilia, was going to give her estate to whichever heir conquered the most territory.

     SithOdion     Lord Daiman
     Odion                                      Daiman

     Xelian     Vilia Calimondra
     Xelian                                        Vilia Calimondra

Odion's connection the Force surfaced the day Daiman was born. He is painfully aware of other lifeforms. The only way to stop the headaches that this awareness causes is to kill as many lifeforms as possible. As a compliment to this affliction, he is able to use the Force to make others wish for death, willingly fighting and dying for him in his conquests.

He believes the Helm of Ieldis will help him destroy more lifeforms.

Meanwhile on Vanahame, Jedi Kerra Holt (undercover as Mercy) wants to get to Skarpos as quick as possible, but General Yulan seems to be stalling. She discovers that underground on Vanahame is a collection of children, all living in their own isolation bubbles with no awareness of anything outside of their own living space. Odion sends children here because they appear more strongly in the Force. Here, they are each learning via holos how to live and die for Odion.

      Kerra Holt portrait     Yulan
     Jedi Kerra Holt                          General Beld Yulan

General Yulan accepted the death wish philosophy of Odion when his family was killed by the Candorian plague. He now sees all life and all death as meaningless and wants to die himself but not before helping death claim as many others as possible.

Odion has conquered the planet Skarpos, but the mutates, led by Lord Malakite, are fighting to take it back. Daiman and his forces also arrive, making it a three-way battle. One of Kerra's fellow novitiates was sent to spy on her by Daiman. 

Lord Malakite

Kerra enters the high cave that she thinks contains the Helm and disables the landspeeder to prevent others from getting high enough to follow her. Inside, she finds her mother's satchel and hopes that they are still here.

She is attacked from behind, however, by Odion himself. He has a jetpack.

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