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"Star Wars: General Grievous TPB (#1-4)" Plot Summary

Writer: Chuck Dixon

The Jedi and clones were sent on a rescue mission to Vandos to bring Ambassador Quiyyen out of harm's way before the Separatists  arrived. Unfortunately, the Seps were already there, being led by the new enemy, General Grievous (pictured above).

Jedi Master T'chooka D'oon is killed by Grievous, but secures the escape of the Ambassador.

     Qui17     T'chookaD'oon-GG.JPG
     Ambassador Quiyyen                      T'chooka D'oon

General Grievous

On Coruscant,  D'oon's PadawanFlynn Kybo proposes the Jedi specifically try to assassinate Grievous, but the plan is rejected as possibly leading to the Dark Side. It is noted, however, that Grievous is a Kalee warrior with battle droid implants.

Flynn Kybo
Flynn Kybo

Because D'oon is dead, Kybo is reassigned to Jedi Master Z'meer Bothu.

Z'meer Bothu

Jedi Master B'dard Tone and his padawan, Codi Ty, come to Kybo secretly and support his plan of attacking Grievous. Z'meer overhears the plan and warns Kybo that if he defies the council, he will no longer be able to be a Jedi. She will not try to stop him, though.

     B'dardTone-GG     Codi Ty
B'dard Tone                            Codi Ty

Later, Stellskard of the Banvhar Combine finds Kybo and takes him to g aroup of miners, of which he is one, that hate Grievous for attacking their operation for target practice.


Grievous has captured a group of Padawans (two of which are named Banz and Allara) and plans to see if he can also make them into cyborgs. Kybo and company intercept a conversation about them between Grievous and Count Dooku, and send out probes to track the transmission and find out where Grievous is.

Banz and Allara                          Count Dooku

Meanwhile, the Padawans are being held on Gentes, a planet recently conquered Grievous, and are rescued by a native Ugnaught burrowing up into their cell. When Grievous notices they are missing, he orders battle droids into the tunnels, but the Padawans use the Force to collapse the tunnel behind them.

Ugnaught NEGAS
an Ugnaught

Meanwhile, Kybo and the Banvhars use stolen Trade Federation codes to gain access to the planet and are on their way to rescue the Padawans, who have now been tracked to the camp of the surviving ugnaughts and are doing their best to fight off Grievous and his droids.

Kybo and B'dard fight Grievous, giving Codi Ty time to get the Padawans back the Banvhar ship. Grievous cuts B'dard in two. Kybo starts an explosion, hoping to kill himself and Grievous, but only succeeds in killing himself.

Codi Ty returns the Padawans to Coruscant, but is banned from the Jedi order for her disobedience.

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