Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #5" Plot Summary

Writer: Haden Blackman

Headmaster Gentis is trying to overthrow Emperor Palpatine in order to protect his son, Caul's, life. Gentis feels that the Emperor treats his soldiers as being too expendable. 

Gentis-GhostPrison1     Palpycropped
Headmaster Gentis                                                 Palpatine

Caul Gentis

When Grand Moff Tarkin lands back on Coruscant to take command after the Emperor's supposed death, Gentis tries to have him arrested. Fortunately for Tarkin, Darth Vader and his crew intercepted his ship and joined him. Now Vader and the surviving prisoners from the Prism, the Ghost Prison,  attack Gentis and the soldiers loyal to him.

Tarkininfobox     Vaderarmor negwt
Grand Moff Tarkin                                           Darth Vader

Lieutenant Tohm kills Caul with a blaster and the recovered Emperor himself kills Gentis shortly thereafter with Force lightning.

Lieutenant Laurita Tohm

Trachta becomes the new Headmaster of the Imperial Academy and wants to take the freed prisoners under his wing. Vader wants to kill them for their history of rebellion against authority. Tohm suggests the compromise of sending them into exile.

Grand Moff Trachta

When the exiles' shuttle takes off, however, it blows up. Trachta realizes that Vader put Tohm up to the sabotage. Tohm himself has been rewarded by the Emperor with a promotion to Admiral, a furnished apartment, and the spared life of Captain Volta, whom Tohm has fallen in love with.

Shonn Volta
Shonn Volta

Palpatine tells Vader to continue training Tohm, as Tohm would make a good replacement for Vader should he ever be killed.

With this in mind, Vader throws Tohm off a balcony, saying that one shouldn't allow their rivals to live.

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