Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #4" Plot Summary

Writer: Haden Blackman

Darth Vader, Grand Moff Trachta, and Lieutenant Laurita Tohm have released the prisoners in the Ghost Prison. Darth Vader has ordered the prisoners to fight to the death, riot-style, in order to see who is fit to fight. The plan is to take the best, the survivors, with him when he takes back Coruscant from Headmaster Gentis.

     Vaderarmor negwt     TrachtaHasbro
     Darth Vader                 Grand Moff Trachta

     Tohm-GhostPrison1     Gentis-GhostPrison1
     Lieutenant Laurita Tohm                   Headmaster Gentis

Captain Shonn Volta, a former Confederacy sniper being held in the prison, saves Tohm from being killed by a particularly nasty alien prisoner.

Shonn Volta
Captain Shonn Volta

Baron Nax Cirvan, a former Jedi turned Separatist by Count Dooku  also now a prisoner, attacks Vader and is beaten. He is spared, however, and given the chance to fight at Vader's side.

     Nax Cirvan     Count Dooku headshot gaze
    Baron Nax Cirvan                       Count Dooku

Vader offers the survivors the chance to join the Empire or go free once they help him defeat Gentis.

Of the two hundred and seven prisoners, only thirty-three made it through the riot. Vader told Tohm to kill any who survived but were maimed or too wounded to fight.

Trachta tells Tohm that Vader will teach Tohm how to serve, but that Trachta can teach Tohm how to lead.

Meanwhile, Gentis plans to order Grand Moff Tarkin back to Coruscant so that he can make him tell him about the Deathstar that's being built and then have himself proclaimed as the new Emperor.

Grand Moff Tarkin

In the Ghost Prison, Shonn Volta tells Tohm why she hated the Jedi and the Republic. Her parents were afraid that she'd be kidnapped by Jedi when she was little, so they kept her hidden in the hold of their starship until she was seven. Later, during the Clone Wars, her father was killed by Republic troopers commandeering his ship. They cut off supply lines to their planet, so her mother starved. Her husband was killed when the actual fighting started on her homeworld. She wanted to be a space explorer, mapping out new hyperspace lanes, which gives Tohm an idea. He asks for her help in intercepting Tarkin's ship before he gets to Coruscant and is captured.

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