Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 22: Wookie Hunt" Plot Summary

Ahsoka is still being hunted by the Trandoshans . When the other kidnapped Jedi Younglings , Jinx and O-Mer,  hear that Kalifa is dead, they refuse to fight, but Ahsoka convinces them to go down fighting, if they’re going to go down at all. The three of them attack the Trandoshans’ ship as they are coming to the beach to drop off new prisoners to hunt. They destroy the Trandoshans’ ship and release the sole prisoner in this shipment. The prisoner is Chewbacca!

AhsokaHS-HOBS     Jinx-PL
Ahsoka Tano                                       Jinx

O-Mer-PL     Kalifa-PL
O-Mer                                      Kalifa

Chewie and the Younglings return to the wreckage to collect parts for a transmitter. As Ahsoka and Chewie enter the ship, a Trandoshan positions himself on sniper lookout for them. The two Younglings attack him, but are overpowered. Chewbacca comes to the rescue and they take the Trandoshan prisoner.
Unable to build a workable transmitter, the four take their Trandoshan prisoner and make him (via a combination of Jedi mind control and a Wookiee fist upside the head) call for a speeder to pick him up. The four heroes then jump the speeder pilot and take the vehicle for themselves, using it to board and attack the main Trandoshan airship. After a few moments of fighting, they are captured.
But just then, Wookie reinforcements arrive! Ahsoka chases Dar’s father inside the ship, ultimately killing him when he won’t give up, while the Younglings and Wookies battle the Trandoshans out on the deck.

The episode ends with a reunion between Anakin, Plo Koon, and Ahsoka. Anakin feels guilty for not doing more to protect Ahsoka, but she reassures him by telling him that it was his training to her that allowed her to survive the adventure.

Rots32     PloKoon-Ep1IG
Anakin Skywalker                         Plo Koon

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