Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 20: Citadel Rescue" Plot Summary

Chased on the Citadel's planets, Even Piell,  Captain TarkinAnakin, and Ahsoka are assured that Master Plo Koon is on his way with reinforcements to pick them up.

Even Piell                                   Grand Moff Tarkin

Rots32     AhsokaHS-HOBS
Anakin                                    Ahsoka

Plo Koon
In order to help the heroes escape one assault, R2' s three battle droids bravely volunteer to stay behind to fend off the enemy droids. They are quickly killed.

Osi Sobeck, the Citadel’s commander, then orders large dog-like creatures be released to track the prisoners.

Osi Sobeck

Tarkin reveals that he has found favor with Chancellor Palpatine. Anakin says that he has as well.


Even Piell is mortally wounded by one of the dog creatures, but is able to tell Ahsoka his half of the hyperspace route information before he dies. The Jedis wrap him in a cloth and throw his body into the lava flow.
Osi Sobeck leads a party of droids on speedbikes to the party’s rendezvous point just as Master Plo’s rescue party enters the planet’s space. Osi Sobeck’s speeder is shot down by Tarkin, but Osi recovers and picks Tarkin up, ready to thrown him into the lava flow when Ahsoka stabs him with her lightsaber from behind, saving Tarkin and killing Sobeck.

Back on Coruscant, Tarkin says that he has been ordered by Chancellor Palpatine not to give his half of the information to anyone except the Chancellor himself. Ahsoka says that Piell made her promise not to give her half of the information to anyone except the Jedi Council. Yoda says that he will meet with Palpatine to discuss the problem.


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