Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 19: Counterattack" Plot Summary

Still in the Citadel,  Obi Wan and Even Piell's group are working their way through the vent system. Meanwhile, Count Dooku calls and is not pleased with Osi Sobeck’s progress in recapturing the prisoners.

Obi Wan                                  Even Piell

Count Dooku headshot gaze     OsiSobeck-TC
Count Dooku                            Osi Sobeck

Outside the prison, Ahsoka must lead Tarkin and the clone troopers  to the docking bay, where R2 will be waiting with the ship to pick them up, but she runs into a dead end. Anakin brings up the rear and says that if Master Plo had really assigned her to the mission, he would have told her to blow the wall.

AhsokaHS-HOBS     Tarkininfobox
Ahsoka Tano                            Grand Moff Tarkin

R2d2     Rots32
R2-D2                              Anakin Skywalker

Plo Koon

R2 and his battle droids land at the cargo platform, but the enemy droids know that he must have been the one to bring the Jedis to the planet. One of R2’s battledroids improvises by pretending that they are going to take him to detention.
Obi Wan and Even Piell’s group makes it outside, but don’t find R2 where he’s supposed to be. They are then captured. Osi Sobeck has been monitoring them the whole time.
R2’s battle droids intercept Obi Wan and Piell and take over the escort, effectively freeing them once again, as R2 and his droids have been since he was captured.

Both groups then converge on the landing platform and battle Osi’s droids until the Jedi’s shuttle is destroyed and they all retreat into the rocky wilderness of the planet.

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