Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 18: The Citadel" Plot Summary

Jedi Master Even Piell has been captured by the Confederates and is being held in The Citadel, an old prison planet for rogue Jedis. He has obtained the necessary information to navigate via hyperspace from the core of the Republic to the core of the Confederacy,  allowing whoever has this information to move their troops behind enemy lines. Now Anakin and Obi Wan  must rescue him.

Jedi Master Even Piell                 Anakin Skywalker

Obi Wan Kenobi

To aid in the mission, R2-D2 has been given command of three reprogrammed battle droids.


Anakin tells Ahsoka to stay behind because of the extreme danger of the mission, but she convinces Plo Koon to let her go without Anakin’s knowledge. The Jedi and clone troopers are Carbonite frozen to avoid lifesign scans entering Citadel space. Ahsoka enters the carbonite chamber after Anakin has already been frozen.

AhsokaHS-HOBS     PloKoon-Ep1IG
Ahsoka Tano                           Plo Koon

R2’s battle droids fly the frozen star warriors to the Citadel and are admitted landing privileges on the planet by saying that they are delivering supplies. Rather than landing at the docking bay, however, they land elsewhere on the planet to unload and unfreeze the heroes.
Commanding the Citadel for the Confederacy is Osi Sobeck.

Osi Sobeck

Anakin is displeased to see Ahsoka there, but can’t do anything about it now. It’s a lucky thing that Ahsoka is there, however, because she is the only small enough to sneak through the prison’s outer vent and unlock the door for the rest of the group, a fact she makes sure Anakin understands.
The group is soon detected, though, when one of the clones sets off a mine on the outer wall, and the battle is on. Racing through the Citadel, the heroes are just in time to save Master Piell from having his good eye poked out by a torture droid. They have been trying to get him to reveal the information he has on the hyperspace lane. Wisely, though, Master Piell has only memorized half of the information. The other half he has entrusted to the mind of his captain, the future Grand Moff Tarkin.

Grand Moff Tarkin

The Jedi rescue Tarkin and his clones from another cell. Following Master Piell’s policy, the group splits in two, with Anakin and Ahsoka taking Tarkin, and Obi Wan taking Piell. As they escape the prison walls, Tarkin makes it clear that he dislikes Jedi. He says that they are not ruthlessness enough to win a war, but often hold back in order to be more merciful. Anakin agrees that the Jedi often do not go as far as they need to.

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